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Politics Main Event: Israeli gunships fire a...
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06-10 Israeli gunships fire at vehicle Gaza
C. 06-10 Utd accept Barca offer for Beckham Manchester, Northern England
3. 06-10 Bush rebukes Israel over air strike Washington
4. 06-10 Sri Lanka gets $4.5bn aid pledge Sri Lanka
F. 06-10 Strikes hit commuters France
G. 06-10 French force arrives in Bunia Congo
7. 06-10 Bush upbeat on Mid-East peace plan Washington
I. 06-10 'High probability' of al Qaeda attack UN
9. 06-10 Rover heads to Red Planet Cape Canaveral, Florida


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Morning News

Jun.10   Gaza     Israeli gunships fire at vehicle
  Key Hamas leader Abdel Aziz Rantissi wounded in strike. Abbas called strike a 'criminal and terrorist' attack

  Northern England   Utd accept Barca offer for Beckham Map of Manchester United Kingdom  Manchester United have accepted a bid for their star midfielder from Spanish team

  Washington     Bush rebukes Israel over air strike  President has sharply criticised an attack on a jeep carrying one of the most senior members of the Hamas in Gaza

  Sri Lanka Sri Lanka gets $4.5bn aid pledge  International donors have pledged aid to get the government and Tamil Tiger rebels back to the negotiating table

  France Strikes hit commuters  A new wave slashed train services and caused huge traffic jams

  Congo French force arrives in Bunia  Force is to bolster a UN peacekeeping contingent that has been unable to prevent tribal fighting

Day News

  Washington     Bush upbeat on Mid-East peace plan  President is determined to see the plan through, despite heightened tensions after 2 Israeli missile strikes in the Gaza

  UN 'High probability' of al Qaeda attack  Al Qaeda will attempt an attack using WMD within the next 2 years, according to a U.S. report

  Florida Rover heads to Red Planet  A rocket carrying the Spirit vehicle lifted clear of the Cape Canaveral

Evening News

  Gaza     Hamas, Israelis vow to keep fighting  A Hamas official targeted by an Israeli gunship vowed that his group would continue to launch attacks against Israelis

  Peru   Kidnapped workers freed  More than 70 workers building a gas project were freed 'safe and sound'

  Iraq AP: Iraq war killed 3,240 civilians  The count is based on records from 60 of 124 hospitals and covers the period between March 20 and April 20

San Francisco Bay Area , June 10, 2003 Timeline