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07-09 500 feared dead in ferry tragedy Bangladesh
2. 07-09 Bush denies rift with South Africa South Africa
3. 07-09 Thousands call for Tung to quit Hong Kong
4. 07-09 Schroeder scrubs Italian holiday Germany
F. 07-09 IAEA urges transparency from Iran Iran
6. 07-09 Pitched street battle Tehran
H. 07-09 Rumsfeld brushes aside WMD fears Washington
I. 07-09 Iraq weapons 'unlikely to be found' London
J. 07-09 Nigeria would shield Taylor from trial Nigeria


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Morning News

Jul.9   Bangladesh   500 feared dead in ferry tragedy
  A passenger ferry sank in a river in southern Bangladesh. 250 people either swam to shore or were rescued

  South Africa     Bush denies rift with South Africa  Bush and Thabo Mbeki discuss challenges of Zimbabwe

  Hong Kong Thousands call for Tung to quit  Pro-democracy activists gathered outside the legislature, disapproving of leader's handling of an anti-subversion bill

  Germany Schroeder scrubs Italian holiday  Chancellor has cancelled Italian holiday after a Rome minister labelled German tourists 'hyper-nationalistic blondes'

  Iran IAEA urges transparency from Iran  Head of the U.N.'s nuclear watchdog ElBaradei says Iran should open up its nuclear program to tougher inspection

Day News

  Tehran     Pitched street battle Map of Tehran  Hundreds of Islamic vigilantes, police and pro-democracy youths fought 3-sided running battles near Tehran University

  Washington     Rumsfeld brushes aside WMD fears  Defence Secretary has admitted that the US had no fresh intelligence about WMD in Iraq before going to war

Evening News

  London   Iraq weapons 'unlikely to be found'
  Senior Government figures no longer believe WMD are likely to turn up in Iraq. They believe the weapons did exist

  Nigeria     Nigeria would shield Taylor from trial  President Obasanjo would shield an exiled Taylor of Liberia from war crimes charges in Sierra Leone

  Hong Kong High toll in bus crash  A bus packed with commuters and school children has plunged down a hillside, killing at least 22 people

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