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07-08 Bush deplores 'crime' of slavery Senegal
2. 07-08 Abbas cancels Sharon meeting Israel
D. 07-08 Second Tour win for Petacchi France
E. 07-08 3 Iraqis killed in police station attack Iraq
F. 07-08 Second 'Saddam' tape aired Lebanon
6. 07-08 Palestinian PM quits key post West Bank


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Morning News

Jul.8   Singapore   Twins dead after separation
  2 conjoined Iranian women underwent 50 hours of continuous surgery

  Senegal     Bush deplores 'crime' of slavery  President described the transatlantic slave trade as 'one of the greatest crimes of history'

  Israel Abbas cancels Sharon meeting  A Palestinian suicide bomber killed an Israeli woman in her home

  France Second Tour win for Petacchi  Italian sprinter is speeding to the line in a blinding sprint marked by another crash

  Iraq 3 Iraqis killed in police station attack  A vehicle pulled up to the police station and a man asked for medical assistance

  Lebanon Second 'Saddam' tape aired  A tape recording has urged Iraqis to throw the occupying forces out of Iraq

Day News

  Washington     Dems want uranium claim probed
  Bush's assertion in State of the Union address that Iraq tried to buy uranium in Africa has since admitted was erroneous

  West Bank Palestinian PM quits key post  Mahmoud Abbas resigns as deputy chairman of the mainstream Fatah movement

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