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07-07 Bush embarks on landmark Africa tour Washington
2. 07-07 Iraq weapons claims criticised England
D. 07-07 Suspected Islamists kill 5 Hindus Kashmir
4. 07-07 Fires, unrest in strike Lagos, Nigeria
F. 07-07 Complications hit twins' surgery Singapore
G. 07-07 Abizaid takes over U.S. Central Command Florida
H. 07-07 U.S. military team arrives Liberia
I. 07-07 WorldCom to pay record fine USA
J. 07-07 Cooke wins second stage of the Tour France


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Morning News

Jul.7   Washington     Bush embarks on landmark Africa tour  President has set off on a landmark trip, which will take in 5 countries in 5 days

  England   Iraq weapons claims criticised  MPs have cleared media chief Alastair Campbell of 'sexing up' intelligence

  Kashmir Suspected Islamists kill 5 Hindus  3 gunmen were involved in the attack in Nowshahra. The Indian army had gone to the village

  Nigeria Fires, unrest in strike  General strike over petrol prices entered its second week with fires lit on streets in Lagos

Day News

  Singapore   Complications hit twins' surgery  The operation will take longer than expected with surgeons battling against unstable blood pressure levels

  Florida Abizaid takes over U.S. Central Command  Gen. John Abizaid took the reins of U.S. Central Command from Gen. Tommy Franks

  Liberia U.S. military team arrives  A team is to begin gauging humanitarian needs and to lay the groundwork for a deployment of U.S. peacekeeping troops

  USA WorldCom to pay record fine  A court has approved a plan to make WorldCom pay $750m to investors who lost money as a result of accounting fraud

  France Cooke wins second stage of the Tour  Australian won the second stage, in a fierce final sprint after a long, hot trek across

Evening News

  Senegal     Bush begins landmark Africa tour
  Landmark will take in 5 countries in 5 days

  Sudan   Plane crash kills 115
  A plane has crashed shortly after take-off. Only a 2-year-old child, is said to have survived

  Liberia     Taylor not ready to leave  President said that he would honor his pledge to accept asylum in Nigeria only when conditions were right

  New Jersey Arrests foiled teens' killing spree plot  A failed carjacking was to be the first step to kill 3 classmates and then random others

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