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07-04 Mosque blast kills 35 Quetta, West Pakistan
2. 07-04 Purported Saddam tape urges resistance Iraq
D. 07-04 Federer makes to Wimbledon final London
4. 07-04 'No apology' for PM's Nazi jibe Italy
5. 07-04 Bush delivers 4th of July defense of war Ohio
6. 07-04 Taylor says he will step down Liberia
H. 07-04 3 missing in fireworks blast Texas
I. 07-04 CIA to study Saddam's tape CIA
J. 07-04 Unions: strike talks fail Nigeria


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Morning News

Jul.4   West Pakistan   Mosque blast kills 35 Map of Quetta Pakistan
  50 others ijured when 3 attackers set off explosives at a Shiite mosque in Quetta. Survivors began torching cars

  Iraq     Purported Saddam tape urges resistance
  Al-Jazeera broadcast an audiotape urging Iraqis to protect the 'mujahedeen' in its fight against the 'invaders'

  London     Federer makes to Wimbledon final  Roger Federer beat Andy Roddick 7-6 (6), 6-3, 6-3 to become Wimbledon's first Swiss finalist

  Italy     'No apology' for PM's Nazi jibe  Italian Premier Berlusconi said he was sorry if people were offended by his remark

  Ohio Bush delivers 4th of July defense of war  President is declaring that the U.S. is 'on the offensive against terrorists'

  Liberia Taylor says he will step down  President said he will step down once peacekeeping troops are in his war-torn country

  Texas 3 missing in fireworks blast  An explosion rocked a warehouse full of fireworks, destroying the building with 3 people inside

Day News

  CIA     CIA to study Saddam's tape  The assessments are to include both technical analysis and comparisons by people familiar with the voice

  Nigeria Unions: strike talks fail  Trade unions would meet to decide whether to press on with a general strike

Evening News

  Liberia     U.S. to send small military team to Liberia  About a dozen people will be to determine the requirements for a peacekeeping mission

  Hong Kong     Tung retreats on anti-subversion law  Hong Kong's leader has said a controversial anti-subversion bill will be amended, following a huge protest

  Los Angeles Singer Barry White dies  Legendary soul singer has died in Los Angeles at the age of 58. His hits include You're My First, My Last, My Everything

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