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Politics Main Event: Peru asks for Fujimori'...
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07-30 Peru asks for Fujimori's return Lima, Peru
2. 07-30 Rebel leader Sankoh dies Sierra Leone
3. 07-30 Refugees make joyful return Iraq
E. 07-30 Dozens killed in battle Liberia
F. 07-30 Vaughan replaces Hussain as captain England
G. 07-30 Advance expert team arrives in Liberia Liberia
7. 07-30 Iraqi official: Saddam no longer a threat Iraq
8. 07-30 U.S. offers U.N. resolution on Liberia Washington
J. 07-30 Explosion kills 7 Mumbai


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Morning News

Jul.30   Peru     Peru asks for Fujimori's return Map of Lima Peru
  Peru has asked Japan to extradite former Peruvian president so he can stand trial in Lima

  Sierra Leone   Rebel leader Sankoh dies  Foday Sankoh has died while waiting to be tried for war crimes

  Iraq     Refugees make joyful return  The first 240 Iraqi refugees to be repatriated since the fall of Saddam have made a return to their homeland

  Liberia     Dozens killed in battle  Rebels seeking to oust Taylor turned back a counter-attack by forces loyal to the government

  England Vaughan replaces Hussain as captain  Michael Vaughan, 28, vows to lead England into a new era in world cricket

Day News

  Liberia     Advance expert team arrives in Liberia  A team of military experts is to prepare the ground for an international peacekeeping force

  Iraq     Iraqi official: Saddam no longer a threat  Ibrahim al Jafari, a leader of the Islamic Da'wah Party is the first official to hold the rotating presidency

  Washington U.S. offers U.N. resolution on Liberia  A draft resolution to the Security Council is authorizes the deployment of a multi-national stabilization force

  Mumbai Explosion kills 7  An pre-dawn explosion has ripped through a home in a residential neighborhood

Evening News

  Ghana   Leaders debate Liberia force
  West African leaders meet to review plans for a long-awaited peacekeeping mission

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