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Sports Main Event: U.S. offers $25 million r...
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07-03 U.S. offers $25 million reward for Saddam Baghdad
C. 07-03 U.S. 'warning order' on Liberia Liberia
D. 07-03 Berlusconi apologises for Nazi jibe Germany
E. 07-03 Riyadh suspect kills himself Saudi Arabia
5. 07-03 Serena advanced to Wimbledon final London
G. 07-03 India, China face AIDS catastrophe India
7. 07-03 Injured Venus battles past Clijsters London
I. 07-03 Bush approves terror suspect trials Washington
9. 07-03 Lebron signs for Cavs Cleveland, Ohio


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Morning News

Jul.3   Baghdad     U.S. offers $25 million reward for Saddam
  The reward is for information that either leads to his capture or confirms that the former Iraqi leader is dead

  Liberia     U.S. 'warning order' on Liberia  The Pentagon is telling the U.S. European Command to prepare a series of military options

  Germany     Berlusconi apologises for Nazi jibe  Chancellor Schroeder says Berlusconi has expressed regrets over remarks comparing a German politician to a Nazi guard

  Saudi Arabia   Riyadh suspect kills himself  Turki Nasser al-Dandani has blown himself up after being cornered by police

  London Serena advanced to Wimbledon final  Serena Williams won her rematch against Henin-Hardenne, 6-3, 6-2

  India India, China face AIDS catastrophe  An infectious disease expert has warned that the disease spreads deeper into the region

Day News

  London   Injured Venus battles past Clijsters  The 23-year-old American needed extensive treatment in semifinal, but battled back to seal a 4-6, 6-3, 6-1 victory

  Washington Bush approves terror suspect trials  President has decided 6 six al-Qaeda suspects in US custody can be tried before a military tribunal

  Ohio Lebron signs for Cavs  Top NBA draft pick, the high school phenomenon, officially signed a 3-year contract with Cleveland

Evening News

  Iraq     US soldier shot dead  Bradley vehicle came under sniper fire. In a second attack, 19 soldiers were hurt when mortar rounds were fired

  Hong Kong Heat on Tung to change HK law  The political future of unpopular leader appears clouded

  China Asian firms rapped over Iran sales  The U.S. has slapped and extended existing sanctions on several Chinese and North Korean firms

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