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Main Event: Rebels capture port city of Buc...
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B. 07-28 Rebels attack second Liberian city Buchanan, Liberia
C. 07-28 2 US soldiers dead Iraq
D. 07-28 8 killed in shootout Saudi Arabia
07-28 Rebels capture port city of Buchanan Liberia
F. 07-28 US seizes 'Saddam guard' Iraq


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Morning News

Jul.28   Southern California   Bob Hope dead at 100  The legendary comedian had daring personality and ski-sloped nose made him an icon of entertainment

  Liberia     Rebels attack second Liberian city Map of Buchanan Liberia  A rebel group has attacked Buchanan, opening a new front against embattled President Taylor's forces

  Iraq 2 US soldiers dead  The attack follows a raid in Baghdad by elite US troops searching for Saddam Hussein

  Saudi Arabia 8 killed in shootout  6 suspected militants, armed with guns and hand grenades, and 2 policemen were killed north of the capital

Day News

  Liberia   Rebels capture port city of Buchanan
  The port had been taken by the MDL. The government forces were massing outside the city

Evening News

  Iraq US seizes 'Saddam guard'  The US military has detained a suspected member of Hussein's security team in dawn raids north of Baghdad

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