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War & Army Main Event: Armstrong wins 5th To...
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07-27 Armstrong wins 5th Tour Paris
2. 07-27 U.S.: Military closing in on Saddam Sunni Triangle
3. 07-27 Rebel troops end mutiny Manila
E. 07-27 Israel to free 500 Palestinians Jerusalem
5. 07-27 Rebels spurn ceasefire call Monrovia, Liberia
6. 07-27 Peace force in Liberia within days Nigeria
7. 07-27 US intensifies Saddam hunt Iraq
8. 07-27 Ex-Estrada aide held over mutiny Philippines


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Morning News

Jul.27   Paris     Armstrong wins 5th Tour
  The 31-year-old Texan becomes only the 2nd rider to win 5 Tours in a row and one of 5 men to have won 5 Tours in total

  Sunni Triangle     U.S.: Military closing in on Saddam
  U.S. forces raided 3 farm houses in Tikrit where intelligence indicated Saddam's security chief had recently been

  Manila   Rebel troops end mutiny  Renegade troops (296 soldiers, including 70 officers) have agreed to return to barracks

Day News

  Jerusalem   Israel to free 500 Palestinians  210 prisoners from Islamic groups, 210 with links to Fatah faction and 120 people jailed for criminal offences

  Mexico   Mexico wins Gold Cup over Brazil in OT  Osorno threaded a 15-meter goal between 3 defenders to give Mexico the CONCACAF Gold Cup championship 1-0

  Liberia Rebels spurn ceasefire call  Rebels have made fresh advances, spurning US appeals for a ceasefire and their withdrawal from Monrovia

Evening News

  Nigeria   Peace force in Liberia within days  Peacekeepers from Nigeria are due to arrive within days to try to stop fighting between forces loyal to Taylor and the rebels

  Iraq     US intensifies Saddam hunt  A raid in Baghdad by elite US troops has reportedly left up to 5 Iraqi civilians dead

  Philippines Ex-Estrada aide held over mutiny  Police have arrested Ramon Cardenas over allegations he was involved in a weekend mutiny by nearly 300 soldiers

  Solomon Islands Peace force reins in gangs  Australia has sent more naval vessels. Multinational intervention force is bringing militants under control

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