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Coup Main Event: Armed men seize center of M...
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B. 07-26 Liberians die in church mortar hit Liberia
C. 07-26 Attack kills 3 US troops Iraq
D. 07-26 Armstrong closes on Tour title France
4. 07-26 Arroyo admits small army 'mutiny' Manila
F. 07-26 Saddam planned resistance - guard Iraq
07-26 Armed men seize center of Manila Manila
7. 07-26 Arroyo sets deadline for mutineers Manila
I. 07-26 Korean War vets mark anniversary South Korea
J. 07-26 Explosion rocks poll Cambodia


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Morning News

Jul.26   Liberia     Liberians die in church mortar hit
  7 killed, 30 more were seriously wounded from the blast

  Iraq     Attack kills 3 US troops
  3 soldiers guarding an Iraqi children's hospital have been killed and 4 injured in a grenade attack

  France     Armstrong closes on Tour title  The American leads second-placed Jan Ullrich by 76 seconds. Britain's David Millar won the 49km stage

  Manila     Arroyo admits small army 'mutiny'  The government confirmed that 'a small band of rogue officers' walked off their posts

  Iraq Saddam planned resistance - guard  Saddam and his sons were shocked at their defeat by U.S.-led forces and met secretly after the fall of Baghdad

Day News

  Manila   Armed men seize center of Manila
  30 members of the military have seized the financial center of the capital and set up booby traps

Evening News

  Manila     Arroyo sets deadline for mutineers  President is giving armed men until 5 p.m. to leave the Glorietta Shopping Center

  South Korea Korean War vets mark anniversary  Veterans and dignitaries gathered at the border to remember soldiers who did not live to see the truce 50 years ago

  Cambodia Explosion rocks poll  At least one grenade exploded outside the FUNCINPEC party headquarters

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