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War & Army Main Event: Bush orders troops to...
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1. 07-25 US sends warships to Liberia Liberia
C. 07-25 Video 'Hussein bodies' Iraq
D. 07-25 Ullrich taunts Armstrong France
E. 07-25 U.N.: Refugee crisis grave Liberia
5. 07-25 U.S. captures Saddam bodyguards Iraq
G. 07-25 Abbas visits Bush at White House White House, Washington
07-25 Bush orders troops to positions off Liberia Liberia
I. 07-25 Former Argentine junta members held Argentina


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Morning News

Jul.25   Liberia   US sends warships to Liberia  Bush has ordered American warships to support a peacekeeping mission in the war-torn country

  Iraq     Video 'Hussein bodies'  Journalists have viewed and videotaped the purported bodies of Uday and Qusay

  France Ullrich taunts Armstrong  Key riva nipped 2 seconds out of Armstrong's overall lead in the Tour de France's 18th stage

  Liberia U.N.: Refugee crisis grave  The refugee agency is urging the immediate deployment of a peacekeeping force

Day News

  Japan     Japan to send troops to Iraq
  The parliament has approved plans to send ground troops. The committee meeting deteriorated into shoving

  Iraq     U.S. captures Saddam bodyguards  Maj. Gen. Ray Odierno: forces have captured several of Saddam's personal bodyguards during a raid in north-central Iraq

  Washington Abbas visits Bush at White House  In the first visit to the Bush White House by a Palestinian leader Abbas said Israel is making 'some progress'

Evening News

  Liberia     Bush orders troops to positions off Liberia
  President ordered U.S. troops to support a West African peacekeeping force that is expected to be deployed

  Argentina     Former Argentine junta members held  The authorities have arrested about 40 former officers, for possible extradition to Spain on human rights charges

  Iraq U.S. shows bodies to media  Skeptical Iraqis viewed for the first time graphic videotape of 2 bullet-riddled bodies of the sons of Saddam Hussein

  Japan Strong quakes  2 strong earthquakes jolted northeastern Japan, triggering mudslides and knocking out power

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