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Politics Main Event: Dental records confirm ...
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07-23 Dental records confirm sons' deaths Iraq
C. 07-23 Mortars shatter cease-fire Liberia
D. 07-23 Hamilton wins stage France
E. 07-23 Top al Qaeda leaders held Iran
F. 07-23 AIDS 'threatens economic catastrophe' South Africa
6. 07-23 Governor faces recall poll California
H. 07-23 Councilman killed by political rival New York
8. 07-23 U.S. to show photos of dead sons Iraq
9. 07-23 Panel OKs release of some Palestinians Jerusalem


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Morning News

Jul.23   Iraq   Dental records confirm sons' deaths  Dental records and former aides have confirmed that Uday and Qusay were killed in an assault

  Liberia     Mortars shatter cease-fire  Hopes of a truce were hit by a row over where any cease-fire line should run

  France Hamilton wins stage  A former right-hand man to Armstrong, attacked on the most brutal climb this year

  Iran Top al Qaeda leaders held  Intelligence minister: Iran is holding 'a large number' of top al Qaeda leaders

  South Africa AIDS 'threatens economic catastrophe'  A failure to fight the disease will cause incomes at least to halve over the next 3 generations

Day News

  California   Governor faces recall poll  Gray Davis will face a new election this autumn. More than a million people have signed a petition

  New York   Councilman killed by political rival  Othniel Askew, 31, a political rival of James E. Davis opened fire in the chamber's balcony. Askew was shot and killed

  Iraq     U.S. to show photos of dead sons  Defense Secretary Rumsfeld says U.S. will release photographs of the bodies of Uday and Qusay Hussein

  Jerusalem Panel OKs release of some Palestinians  A special Israeli government committee voted to release some Palestinian prisoners

  Antarctica Seal kills scientist  Kirsty Brown, a marine biologist at the British Antarctic Survey has been killed by a leopard seal as she snorkeled

Evening News

  Liberia     Peacekeepers 'in days' Map of Monrovia Liberia  An African-led force could be in Liberia within 5 days. Mortar shell explosions were audible throughout Monrovia

  Solomon Islands   First troops arrive Map of Solomon Islands  The multinational intervention force have arrived in the islands after being airlifted from the northern Australia

  Iraq     3 US soldiers killed  The deaths bring to 5 the number of US troops killed since the deaths of Saddam Hussein's sons

  Florida Brazil advances to Gold Cup final over US  Brazilians eliminated the defending champions from the CONCACAF Cup beating the Americans 2-1

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