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Politics Main Event: Battle rages: '50 dead'
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07-21 Battle rages: '50 dead' Monrovia, Liberia
2. 07-21 BBC under pressure in 'mole' probe England
3. 07-21 Idi Amin fighting for life Saudi Arabia
E. 07-21 Volkswagen cuts 4,000 jobs Brazil
F. 07-21 U.S. troops chase, kill attackers Afghanistan
6. 07-21 Bush, Berlusconi in ranch talks Texas
H. 07-21 Armstrong wins Tour stage France
I. 07-21 Landslides kill 13 Japan
9. 07-21 Liberians dump bodies at U.S. Embassy Liberia


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Morning News

Jul.21   Liberia     Battle rages: '50 dead' Map of Monrovia Liberia
  A shell hit a house, killing 18 people inside. Monrovia is in a panic and completely paralyzed

  England   BBC under pressure in 'mole' probe  The inquiry would be held 'mostly in public' and would report as quickly as possible

  Saudi Arabia   Idi Amin fighting for life  Former Ugandan leader is in a deteriorating condition 3 days after slipping into a coma

  Brazil Volkswagen cuts 4,000 jobs  German car maker is to cut jobs from its Brazilian arm, to counter weak sales

  Afghanistan U.S. troops chase, kill attackers  Special Forces attacked and killed about 22 suspected Taliban forces after the convoy was ambushed while on patrol

  Texas Bush, Berlusconi in ranch talks  President is giving Italian Premier a taste of ranch life as the Iraq war allies meet for 2 days of talks

  France Armstrong wins Tour stage  Lance recovers from a fall on the final climb of the 15th stage and seizes back control of the race

  Japan Landslides kill 13  Troops, police and firefighters resumed rescue operations, using bulldozers, cranes and shovels

Day News

  Liberia     Liberians dump bodies at U.S. Embassy
  Liberians are saying, 'If you had intervened, this would not be happening'

  Washington     Bush cautions Iran and Syria  President has accused Iran and Syria of continuing to support terror and warned that the US may take action

  Iraq U.S. soldier killed in latest ambush  4 others were wounded in an ambush in northeast Baghdad. An Iraqi interpreter was also killed

Evening News

  Kashmir   Militants raid army camp  2 armed Islamic militants have stormed into an Indian army camp, triggering a gunbattle that left at least 9 people dead

  Liberia     Panic on the streets  Kofi Annan called on the international community to decide 'urgently and promptly' to send more troops to Liberia

  Senegal   W Africans seek Liberia crisis solution  West African leaders are to discuss a proposed peacekeeping force for Liberia

  China Strong quake  The magnitude 6.2 earthquake has shaken southwestern China, killing at least 11 people and injuring more than 200

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