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War & Army Main Event: Mandela celebrated 85...
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B. 07-19 Weapons expert had slashed wrist England
C. 07-19 Militants beat up Jenin governor West Bank
3. 07-19 Rebels advance on capital Monrovia, Liberia
E. 07-19 Tiger Woods seized the British Open lead England
F. 07-19 U.S. releases Iraq documents White House, Washington
07-19 Mandela celebrated 85th birthday Johannesburg
7. 07-19 Taylor vows to fight to the end Liberia
I. 07-19 China, U.S. hold Korea talks Washington
9. 07-19 US appeals for Monrovia peace Liberia


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Morning News

Jul.19   England   Weapons expert had slashed wrist  Police have confirmed that Dr David Kelly, 59, bled to death from a slit wrist

  West Bank Militants beat up Jenin governor  Militants abducted Haider Irsheid and held him captive for several hours accusing him of collaborating with Israel

  Liberia Rebels advance on capital  Heavy fighting was taking place on the outskirts of Monrovia as rebels crossed one bridge and were close to another

  England Tiger Woods seized the British Open lead  Tiger's front-9 31 spoiled by 4 bogeys on back

  Washington U.S. releases Iraq documents  The White House released excerpts from a classified document to show how intelligence wound up in Bush's address

Day News

  Johannesburg     Mandela celebrated 85th birthday Map of Johannesburg
  Heads of states and celebrities from around the world have joined at a gala dinner in Johannesburg

  Liberia     Taylor vows to fight to the end  Taylor said he would fight until 'the hooligans are driven out of town' and ordered his men to go house to house

  Washington China, U.S. hold Korea talks  Vice Foreign Minister Dai Bingguo met with Colin Powell for nearly 3 hours

Evening News

  Liberia US appeals for Monrovia peace  The ambassador in Liberia has appealed to rebels battling their way into the capital to halt their advance

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