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Crime Main Event: Missing Iraq 'mole': Body ...
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07-18 Missing Iraq 'mole': Body found England
C. 07-18 U.S. soldier killed in blast Fallujah, Sunni Triangle
3. 07-18 Guantanamo cases 'suspended' for talks England
E. 07-18 8 Afghan troops killed in ambush Khost, Afghanistan
F. 07-18 Landslide kills 9 Oaxaca, Mexico
6. 07-18 Bryant charged with sexual assault Colorado
H. 07-18 Annan chief 'seeks Iraqi handover' UN
8. 07-18 Guantanamo detainees return home Bagram, Afghanistan
J. 07-18 Blair calls for calm over Kelly England


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Morning News

Jul.18   England   Missing Iraq 'mole': Body found
  UK official David Kelly denied being the 'mole' in the Iraq WMD dossier row

  Sunni Triangle   U.S. soldier killed in blast Map of Fallujah Iraq  Soldier's vehicle drove over 'an improvised explosive device' west of Fallujah

  England Guantanamo cases 'suspended' for talks  Washington has agreed to suspend controversial military proceedings pending talks with British legal officials

  Afghanistan 8 Afghan troops killed in ambush  Suspected members of the ousted Taliban regime attack soldiers in the southeastern province of Khost

  Mexico Landslide kills 9  A landslide triggered by heavy rains swept away 2 houses in the southern state of Oaxaca

Day News

  Colorado   Bryant charged with sexual assault  Kobe was charged with sexually assaulting a 19-year-old woman. Bryant is saying he was guilty only of adultery

  UN     Annan chief 'seeks Iraqi handover'  Secretary General is set to call for a swift handover of sovereignty to the Iraqi people

Evening News

  Afghanistan   Guantanamo detainees return home Map of Bagram Afghanistan  A U.S. military aircraft carrying 2 dozen detainees has landed at Bagram Air Base

  England Blair calls for calm over Kelly  Prime Minister has urged the media and politicians to 'show some respect and restraint'

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