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1. 07-17 Saddam tape marks Baath anniversary Iraq
C. 07-17 Government swears in rebels Congo
D. 07-17 Miserable start for Tiger at British Open England
4. 07-17 Chief: I won't step down Hong Kong
07-17 Blair visits Bush and defends war U.S. Congress
6. 07-17 Progress in North Korea diplomacy Washington
H. 07-17 No end to flood misery China


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Morning News

Jul.17   Iraq     Saddam tape marks Baath anniversary  Purported Saddam tape marked the 35th anniversary of Baath rise to power as coalition increased security in Baghdad

  Congo     Government swears in rebels  2 rebel leaders have been sworn in as VPs in a power-sharing government to bring an end to five years of civil war

  England Miserable start for Tiger at British Open  Tiger Woods launches Open bid with damaging triple-bogey

  Hong Kong Chief: I won't step down  Tung Chee-hwa is promising instead greater accountability and to consult more with the people

Day News

  U.S. Congress     Blair visits Bush and defends war
  Prime Minister is telling the Congress that 'history will not forgive' world leaders who fail to confront the WMD threat

  Washington Progress in North Korea diplomacy  The Bush administration has signaled progress in setting a new round of talks about ending nuclear program

Evening News

  China No end to flood misery  Heavy rain has led to blowing up dikes and flooding farms in central and eastern China

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