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War & Army Main Event: Crisis after official...
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1. 07-16 Coup topples government Sao Tome & Principe
C. 07-16 China, U.S. unite over N. Korea Washington
D. 07-16 Photojournalist died after interrogation Iran
E. 07-16 10 died in farmers' market crash Santa Monica, Southern California
F. 07-16 Flash floods kill 100 India
07-16 Crisis after officials quit Hong Kong
H. 07-16 FBI looking into Iraq-Niger documents Washington
8. 07-16 U.S. soldier killed convoy attack Iraq
9. 07-16 Koreans fire across border North Korea


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Morning News

Jul.16   Sao Tome & Principe   Coup topples government Map of Sao Tome & Principe  Soldiers toppled the government while the president of the oil-rich island state was out of the country

  Washington China, U.S. unite over N. Korea  The accord was expressed in a phone call between the Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing and Secretary of State Powell

  Iran Photojournalist died after interrogation  Iran's Vice President: Canadian-Iranian Zahra Kazemi died as a result of a blow to the head

  Southern California 10 died in farmers' market crash  An 86-year-old Russell Weller drove his car through a 3-block stretch crowded with shoppers in Santa Monica

  India Flash floods kill 100  A flood swept through a make-shift tent site where laborers were sleeping

Day News

  Hong Kong     Crisis after officials quit
  The resignation of 2 top officials is raising questions about the future of the territory's leader, Chief Executive Tung

  Washington FBI looking into Iraq-Niger documents  A preliminary inquiry into the documents is an effort to find out who forged the documents and why

  Iraq U.S. soldier killed convoy attack  Number of American battle deaths in the Iraqi conflict is 148 surpassing the 147 killed in the Persian Gulf War

Evening News

  North Korea   Koreans fire across border  South and North Korean troops have briefly exchanged gunfire in the Demilitarized Zone

  UN U.N. mulls new troops resolution  U.N. is facing calls from some nations for a new resolution authorizing them to send troops to Iraq

  European Union EC refuses to add to AIDS fund  EC's decided not to raise its contribution to a Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

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