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Disasters Main Event: Iraqi council acts for...
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07-13 Iraqi council acts for first time Iraq
C. 07-13 Blix slams UK Iraq WMD claim England
D. 07-13 Armstrong took lead Tour de France France
E. 07-13 Rice defends uranium claim Washington
F. 07-13 Sharon urging to cut ties with Arafat Jerusalem
6. 07-13 Hurricane alert Mexico
7. 07-13 Dome of Montserrat volcano collapses Caribbean
8. 07-13 Bus plunge 'kills 25' Kashmir
9. 07-13 AIDS forum calls for cheap drugs France


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Morning News

Jul.13   Iraq   Iraqi council acts for first time
  New governing council cancels all holidays 'linked to the old dictatorial regime' and name April 9, as a new national holiday

  England   Blix slams UK Iraq WMD claim  Former chief U.N. weapons inspector said it was 'highly unlikely' that Saddam could have deployed WMD in 45 minutes

  France     Armstrong took lead Tour de France  Mayo of Spain won the legendary L'Alpe d'Huez stage. Armstrong finished third

  Washington Rice defends uranium claim  National Security Advisor saying claim that Iraq was seeking uranium was substantiated by several sources

  Jerusalem Sharon urging to cut ties with Arafat  Prime Minister left for London to meet with Tony Blair

  Mexico Hurricane alert  A hurricane watch was issued Mexico and Texas as Tropical Storm Claudette moved slowly toward shore

  Caribbean Dome of Montserrat volcano collapses  Explosions rocked volcano, spewing thick clouds of ash into the air after rainfall caused part of the dome to collapse

  Kashmir Bus plunge 'kills 25'  A crowded bus hit a van, skidded off a steep mountain road and plunged into a river

Day News

  France AIDS forum calls for cheap drugs  At the opening of a major conference on the virus the developed world has been criticised for failing to provide funds

  Iraq Intelligence plays down al Qaeda claim  A group calling itself an al Qaeda affiliate claimed responsibility for attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq

Evening News

  Washington   U.S. in damage control over Iraq Map of White House USA
  The White House is insisting Bush did not manipulate intelligence during his now controversial State of the Union address

  Washington     US warns of more Iraq attacks  Defence Secretary Rumsfeld has warned that attacks on US forces could increase

  West Bank Irish suspect arrested  Suspected bombmaker was questioning him on the extent of his contact with Palestinian militants

  Basque Bomb found in Pamplona hotel  Police have deactivated a powerful bomb they say was placed by the Basque separatist group ETA

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