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Politics Main Event: War crimes law scraped
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1. 07-12 Twins laid to rest Iran
2. 07-12 Bush praises Nigeria's leadership on AIDS Nigeria
D. 07-12 Virenque takes yellow jersey France
4. 07-12 'Governing council' to convene Iraq
F. 07-12 Pamplona bulls injure seven more Basque
G. 07-12 Iraq uranium claim sows confusion England
7. 07-12 Khatami offers to quit Iran
07-12 War crimes law scraped Belgium


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Morning News

Jul.12   Iran   Twins laid to rest  Laleh and Ladan Bijani, who died during an operation to separate them, have been buried in their home village

  Washington     Bush stands by CIA after Iraq mistake  President remained confident in Tenet after the CIA took responsibility for the mistake in the State of the Union address

  Nigeria     Bush praises Nigeria's leadership on AIDS  Before ending his African visit, Bush pledged that the United States would work with Nigeria to bring peace to Liberia

  France Virenque takes yellow jersey  Frenchman delighted a crowd of thousands by racing to his country's first stage win at Tour de France

  Iraq 'Governing council' to convene  The council, made up of representatives from political parties and other groups is first step toward the government

  Basque Pamplona bulls injure seven more  A British man was gored in the buttocks and a Norwegian suffered an injured ankle as another 7 were taken to hospital

Day News

  England   Iraq uranium claim sows confusion  The UK Government has defended the claim, despite the White House saying it was unfounded

  Iran Khatami offers to quit  Facing criticism within reformist party, President said that 'if this nation says that they do not want us, we will leave'

Evening News

  Belgium   War crimes law scraped
  A new government is repealing a law which gives the power to try cases no matter where they were committed

  North Korea N. Korea reprocessing rods  U.S: North Korea has begun reprocessing spent nuclear fuel rods, suggesting the intends to produce nuclear weapons

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