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1. 07-11 Blair under pressure on Guantanamo England
C. 07-11 Petacchi wins his fourth Tour stage Lyon, Southern France
D. 07-11 Enron creditors 'to lose four fifths' Texas
E. 07-11 CIA 'cleared' Iraq uranium claim CIA
5. 07-11 Sharon, Bush to meet this month Jerusalem
6. 07-11 Tourist minister 'resigns' over German jibe Italy
7. 07-11 Aid appeal for refugees Central Africa
07-11 CIA chief takes blame for Bush speech CIA
J. 07-11 Rebels warn of 'fight' Liberia


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Morning News

Jul.11   England     Blair under pressure on Guantanamo  Prime Minister is under increasing pressure to raise the issue of British terrorism suspects held at Guantanamo Bay

  Southern France   Petacchi wins his fourth Tour stage Map of Lyon France  Petacchi won the Nevers-Lyon stage. Armstrong is continuing to conserve energy ahead of the mountain stages

  Texas     Enron creditors 'to lose four fifths'  Creditors of bankrupt energy trader will receive less than a fifth of what they are owed, under a reorganisation plan

  CIA     CIA 'cleared' Iraq uranium claim  Bush has defended a controversial State of the Union speech he made about the case for going to war

  Jerusalem Sharon, Bush to meet this month  The meeting, originally scheduled for September, was moved up to late July to accommodate a White House request

Day News

  Italy   Tourist minister 'resigns' over German jibe
  Stefano Stefani who called Germans loud 'hyper-nationalistic blondes,' has resigned

  Central Africa Aid appeal for refugees  The U.N. agency has embarked on a $14 million appeal to help refugees and displaced persons

Evening News

  CIA   CIA chief takes blame for Bush speech
  Tenet: A line in State of the Union address alleging that Iraq was trying to buy uranium should never been included

  Liberia Rebels warn of 'fight'  The main rebel group has warned it will confront any international peacekeeping force

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