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Politics Main Event: Bush vows to finish job...
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1. 07-01 200,000 protest national security law Hong Kong
C. 07-01 US army attacked in Baghdad Iraq
D. 07-01 Both Williams get semifinals at Wimbledon London
07-01 Bush vows to finish job in Iraq Washington
5. 07-01 Arafat 'could leave Ramallah' West Bank
G. 07-01 Concern over new test site North Korea
H. 07-01 Kraft plans to cut snack sizes USA
8. 07-01 U.S. cuts funding to 50 nations Washington
J. 07-01 Refugee boat halted Australia


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Morning News

Jul.1   Hong Kong 200,000 protest national security law  Official celebrations are marking the 6th anniversary of the return from British sovereignty

  Iraq US army attacked in Baghdad  Reports are saying at least 3 soldiers were killed. American armoured car blew up

  London Both Williams get semifinals at Wimbledon  Serena defeats Capriati 2-6, 6-2, 6-3. Venus won Lindsay Davenport 6-2, 2-6, 6-1

Day News

  Washington     Bush vows to finish job in Iraq  President vowed that the United States is committed to establishing a democracy in the country

  West Bank     Arafat 'could leave Ramallah'  Ariel Sharon: Israel might allow Palestinian leader to leave the city for the first time in more than a year

  North Korea Concern over new test site  U.S. satellites have identified a site, that 'may or may not' be a testing facility for a nuclear weapon

  USA Kraft plans to cut snack sizes  U.S. biggest food maker is to limit the size of its portions because of concerns about increasing obesity

  Washington U.S. cuts funding to 50 nations  Those countries have not signed an exemption of U.S. military from the International Criminal Court

Evening News

  Australia Refugee boat halted  The Australian government says the arrival does not signal a likely new wave of refugees

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