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Arab states turn to U.N. Annan seeks UN role in Iraq Blix, U.S. dispute inspectors' role in Iraq  The inspection team is prepared to return to Iraq to hunt for banned weapons, Blix told the Security Council Rift looms over Iraq sanctions  The United States is to present to Security Council a draft resolution, co-sponsored by Britain and Spain Council lifts Iraq sanctions
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1. 01-22 North Korea warns against 'act of war' UN Security Council
C. 02-04 Powell to Iraq: 'Prove it' New York
3. 02-04 UN backs peacekeepers Ivory Coast
02-05 Powell made evidence presentation UN Security Council
F. 02-07 Bush: 'Defining moment' for Sec. Council Washington
G. 02-21 Mid-March targeted for U.N. vote Washington
H. 02-27 Sec. Council holds closed Iraq meeting UN Security Council
8. 03-07 Inspectors report UN Security Council

  Bush: 'Defining moment' for Sec. Council  President is saying now was the time to decide whether its resolution ordering Iraq to disarm 'will have any force' Mid-March targeted for U.N. vote  The Bush administration hopes that the Security Council will vote on a second resolution on Iraqi disarmament Sec. Council holds closed Iraq meeting  U.S. tried to line up support for a proposed resolution declaring Iraq has missed its last chance to disarm Russia says Iraq veto possible  Russia is still not ruling out the use of its veto in the Security Council to prevent a war in Iraq Inspectors report  Blix, ElBaradei told the Security Council that they were making progress, need more time, and have found no smoking gun U.N. told to be ready for possible vote  Security Council debating an amended resolution that would give Iraq more time to disarm Clash over Iraq looms  The divided Security Council is preparing for an open debate, which could see US-led military action begin within days Iraq vote pushed back
North Korea warns against 'act of war'   Powell to Iraq: 'Prove it'  Secretary of State will present a multimedia presentation to the Security Council and unveil video, slides and audiotapes UN backs peacekeepers   Powell made evidence presentation

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February 2003 ... more > Top ^
  Britain and France were at opposite ends of Security Council reaction after presentation of Iraq's noncooperation

March 2003 ... more > Top ^
  A vote on a U.S.-backed resolution before the Security Council will not be called earlier than next week

April 2003 ... more > Top ^

May 2003 ... more > Top ^
  Resolution 1483 gives the U.S. and Great Britain authority to control Iraq until an elected government is in place
May.30   U.N. backs Congo emergency force  The Security Council has voted to deploy a French-led force to help stabilize the conflict

July 2003 ... more > Top ^
Jul.2   UN won't condemn N. Korean nukes  The United States has failed to persuade Russia and China to support a Security Council draft statement

August 2003 ... more > Top ^
Aug.1   Force approved for Liberia  The Security Council has authorised a multinational force to help implement a ceasefire Aug.26   War crimes order to protect staff
  The Security Council passed a resolution to strengthen protection of U.N. personnel throughout the world

September 2003 ... more > Top ^
Sep.5   Iraq draft 'needs serious work'
  Security Council members are meeting privately to discuss US draft resolution requesting help in Iraq Sep.12   U.N. votes to lift Libya sanctions
  The Security Council has voted to lift sanctions that have been in place since the bombing of two airliners in the 1980s
Sep.16     U.S. vetoes Arafat vote
  A resolution would have demanded Israel halt threats to expel Palestinian Authority President
Sep.19   Liberia to get 15,000 UN troops  The Security Council has unanimously approved a force of up to 15,000 peacekeepers

October 2003 ... more > Top ^
Oct.5   Israeli strike sparks crisis talks
  The Security Council is meeting in emergency session to discuss an air raid inside Syria   Syria asks U.N. to condemn Israel
  Syria called Security Council to condemn Israel's airstrike against a terrorist training camp inside Syrian territory

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