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  Cholera outbreak feared  The WHO expects an epidemic because of problems with poor sanitation   Cholera spreading in Basra  The World Health Organization has confirmed 4 cases in thie city. Dozens more may have the potentially fatal illness 6 British troops killed Map of Amarah Iraq
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'Large parts' of Basra under UK control  UK forces can move freely through 'the majority' of the city after a major assault by thousands of troops British taking control of Basra
Increased flights  U.S. and coalition warplanes are focusing on mobile missile systems being moved into the area Coalition forces seize airfields and port  U.S. and coalition forces swept across the desert, taking control of a peninsula and its key port city US-led forces face stiff resistance  Tanks have been called in to Umm Qasr where about 120 Republican Guards are firing against US forces Humanitarian crisis in Basra battle  1.2 million residents may be facing a crisis after the cutting of water and electricity Basra now military target, says UK  This is due to intense resistance from Iraqi troops who have withdrawn into Basra Uprising reported in Basra  British forces have reported that a violent civilian uprising against Saddam Hussein has begun Aid trucks reach port city  7 battered trucks arrived in the Umm Qasr, delivering about 12 tons of humanitarian aid British hit Iraq column near Basra  Aircraft have bombed a column of about 70 armored vehicles as it made its way toward Umm Qasr Aid held up by mine fears  A British ship carrying humanitarian aid to Iraqi port of Umm Qasr has been delayed House arrest for Australian media   Authorities have detained 2 journalists outside city of Basra. 3rd journalist from Australia has been expelled UK military: Boxes of human remains found  Hundreds of boxes containing human remains ihad been found n a warehouse near Zubayr UK troops storm Basra

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  Troops have bombarded the headquarters of Baath party
  British forces are setting up a base inside Iraq's second-largest city. 3 British soldiers were killed

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  Troops came under fire in 2 separate incidents near the city of al-Amarah, 120 miles north of city of Basra

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Aug.10   Trouble flares again in Basra  Disturbances have broken out for a second day as frustration over fuel shortages took hold Aug.22   3 British soldiers killed in Basra
  Troops came under fire. 3 servicemen have been killed and another seriously wounded in Iraq's second city
Aug.28   British soldier killed  Crowds of Iraqis surrounded the convoy and fired at the soldiers

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Nov.8   Red Cross pulling out of Baghdad
  The international Red Cross is closing offices in Baghdad and Basra temporarily since 'extremely dangerous' conditions

Air Force Main Event: Increased flights
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03-05 Increased flights Southern Iraq
C. 03-21 Coalition forces seize airfields and port Southern Iraq
D. 03-22 US-led forces face stiff resistance Southern Iraq
E. 03-24 Humanitarian crisis in Basra battle Basra
F. 03-25 Basra now military target, says UK Basra
G. 03-25 Uprising reported in Basra Basra
H. 03-26 Aid trucks reach port city Southern Iraq
8. 03-26 British hit Iraq column near Basra Basra
J. 03-27 Aid held up by mine fears Southern Iraq

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