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Report: Iraq-al Qaeda link found  Documents discovered in the HQ of Iraq's intelligence service provide evidence of a a direct link   Suspect may know bin Laden's location  Captured Ali Abed al Aziz is a nephew of a reputed al Qaeda mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Dissident: bin Laden behind Saudi attacks
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Main Event: bin Laden tape a call to arms
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02-11 bin Laden tape a call to arms Qatar
C. 02-14 U.S.: Tape 'almost certainly' bin Laden Washington
D. 03-06 Captive: Bin Laden dead AND alive Afghanistan
E. 03-06 Search for bin Laden tightens Tribal Areas
F. 03-07 Report: bin Laden's sons arrested Afghanistan
G. 03-10 Al Qaeda chiefs 'met in December' Pakistan
H. 03-31 Mubarak warns of '100 bin Ladens' Egypt
I. 04-08 Bin Laden tape urges suicide attacks Pakistan
J. 04-26 Report: Iraq-al Qaeda link found England

  U.S.: Tape 'almost certainly' bin Laden  A technical analysis of the tape aired on the Al-Jazeera shows the voice on the tape 'almost certainly' is that of Osama   Captive: Bin Laden dead AND alive  Detained Khalid Shaikh Mohammed has given conflicting information about Osama bin Lade   Search for bin Laden tightens  Search has been narrowed to a few provinces in the northwest, and tribal and frontier provinces   Report: bin Laden's sons arrested  Pakistan's home minister was saying that two men were arrested near the borders of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran   Al Qaeda chiefs 'met in December'  Khalid Shaikh Mohammed met with Osama bin Laden, Pakistani intelligence officials say   Mubarak warns of '100 bin Ladens'  President says the U.S.-led war on Iraq is driving more Muslims to anti-Western militancy Bin Laden tape urges suicide attacks
  bin Laden tape a call to arms

February 2003 ... more > Top ^
  A voice purported to be that of bin Laden timeline">Osama bin Laden offered battle strategies aimed at causing American casualties

March 2003 ... more > Top ^

April 2003 ... more > Top ^
  An audiotape exhorts Muslims to rise up against Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and other 'agents of America'

May 2003 ... more > Top ^
  Saad al Fagih, 44, is a leading Saudi dissident who broadcasts a nightly radio newscast

June 2003 ... more > Top ^
Jun.25 Sources: Bin Laden letters urged attacks
  Al Qaeda leader sent a private message to followers in February, ordering them to attack the U.S. and its allies

July 2003 ... more > Top ^
Jul.10   Bin Laden 'inspired Bali attacks'
  The bombers followed a call to attack Western interests, an Indonesian court has heard

August 2003 ... more > Top ^
Aug.18 Tape: Bin Laden, Mullah Omar alive
  Al Qaeda leader and Taliban head are calling on Muslims to fight U.S. forces in Iraq, an audiotape has said

September 2003 ... more > Top ^
Sep.10   Bin Laden tape raises fear of new attacks
  Al-Jazeera broadcast a new tape of Osama bin Laden and his top deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri

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