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  Libya and France reach deal  Libya has agreed a compensation to relatives of people killed in the1989 bombing of a airliner over the Sahara U.N. votes to lift Libya sanctions
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Move to end Libya sanctions  The UK and Bulgaria have tabled a draft resolution at the Security Council calling for an end to sanctions   Gaddafi announces bombing deal
  Libya takes UN human rights chair  The decision comes despite objections from the Western nations about the Libya's poor record on civil liberties and terrorism   Libya to pay Lockerbie families  Libya is willing to pay $3 billion to the families of victims, $10 million to each linked to lifting sanctions   $2.7bn Lockerbie compensation deal  Lawyers for Libya and for families of the victims of the 1988 bombing have decided on the framework for compensation   Libya taking Lockerbie blame

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  Libya has prepared a letter for delivery to the U.N. accepting responsibility for the 1988 Pan Am 103 bombing
  Libya has agreed a compensation deal with relatives of the 170 people killed in the bombing of a UTA airliner in 1989

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  The Security Council has voted to lift sanctions that have been in place since the bombing of two airliners in the 1980s

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Dec.19     Libya to dismantle WMD programs
  Bush, Blair: Gadhafi, had agreed to allow inspectors from international organizations to enter Libya
Dec.20   Libya hailed for renouncing WMD
  President Bush said the decision set an example to other countries on how to build better relations with the U.S.     Gadhafi's son: No Iraq war link  The son of Libyan leader said that Iraq conflict irrelevant to WMD offer   N-watchdog meets Libyans
  Mohamed ElBaradei met with a senior Libyan official to discuss Tripoli's plans to dismantle its WMD program
Dec.21   Libya 'agrees' snap inspections  Libya agreed to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty's additional protocol Dec.27   UN arms team starts Libyan work  Nuclear experts are expected to visit sites used in programme to develop weapons of mass destruction Dec.29   ElBaradei: nuclear program dismantled  International Atomic Energy Agency chief: Libya's nuclear program was years away from producing a nuclear weapon

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B. 01-20 Libya takes UN human rights chair UN
2. 04-29 Libya to pay Lockerbie families Libya
3. 08-13 $2.7bn Lockerbie compensation deal Libya
E. 08-15 Libya taking Lockerbie blame Libya
F. 08-18 Move to end Libya sanctions England
G. 08-31 Gaddafi announces bombing deal Libya
H. 09-11 Libya and France reach deal Libya
I. 09-12 U.N. votes to lift Libya sanctions UN Security Council
12-19 Libya to dismantle WMD programs Libya

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