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  8 killed in bus attack  A 2nd suicide bomber blew himself up as emergency crews arrived at the scene of the blast at a busy junction Abbas, Sharon agree only to meet again Sharon delays U.S. trip after attacks   Israel ready to accept steps in 'road map'  Sharon will present the plan to his Cabinet Cabinet OKs road map
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Sharon secures majority coalition Foreign minister replaced Sharon, Mubarak to renew talks Sharon presents 4-party government Changes sought to Mideast road map Powell urges action on Mid-East plan   Powell meets Sharon and Abbas  U.S. Secretary of State: Leaders agree on enough points of the road map to move forward with its implementation Sharon, Abbas plan to meet on 'road map' Sharon, Abbas plan weekend meeting Israeli and Palestinian prime ministers met Map of Hebron Israel
Israel restricts Palestinian travel   Sharon rejects corruption charge  Prime Minister has rejected as 'despicable political libel' the allegation that he received an improper $1.5 million loan Sharon speech blackout Sharon tipped to win poll   Sharon wins election, calls for unity

January 2003 ... more > Top ^
Jan.2  Sharon's party losing popularity
Jan.13  Polls: Sharon, Likud bouncing back
Jan.23  Sharon's Likud party expected to win
Jan.26  Likud plead for more support
  Prime Minister has hailed Likud Party's triumph as 'historic' and said he will seek to create a broad-based government

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May 2003 ... more > Top ^
  A suicide bomber killed 2 Jewish settlers in the city of Hebron
  The 12-7 vote, with 4 abstentions, is the first time the government has accepted the principle of a Palestinian state
May.26 Sharon, Abbas to meet on 'road map'     Sharon signals 'occupation' end  Prime Minister indicated a willingness to withdraw from the West Bank and Gaza May.29     Sharon-Abbas meeting candid, beneficial  Israeli officials described meeting as having a 'good atmosphere,' while Palestinians described it as 'serious, candid' May.30 Release of Palestinian prisoners delayed

June 2003 ... more > Top ^
Jun.8 Sharon warns Palestinians on terror
Jun.11     Suicide blast hits bus, 17 killed
  Dozens of people were injured during rush-hour. Hamas said it carried out the bombing
Jun.12 Israel vows new strikes on Hamas Jun.16 Sharon: No deal if terror rampant Jun.20     Powell: Hamas 'enemy of peace'  Secretary of State said the Palestinian Authority must move quickly to implement the security measures Jun.27   Cease-fire deal could be in the wings  Talks between Israeli and Palestinian leaders are making 'good progress'

July 2003 ... more > Top ^
Jul.6   Israel to free more prisoners  The government has voted to release a new batch of Palestinians - a goodwill gesture toward peace plan Jul.11 Sharon, Bush to meet this month
Jul.13 Sharon urging to cut ties with Arafat Jul.14 UK praises Sharon's 'peace work' Jul.20 Sharon, Abbas hold talks Jul.23 Panel OKs release of some Palestinians Jul.27   Israel to free 500 Palestinians  210 prisoners from Islamic groups, 210 with links to Fatah faction and 120 people jailed for criminal offences Jul.29     Bush, Sharon focus on terror groups  Following a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister, President said more must be done to 'dismantle terrorist capabilities'

August 2003 ... more > Top ^
Aug.5 Abbas cancels meeting with Sharon
Aug.19   Powerful bus bomb killed 21
  The bomb exploded in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighborhood. The explosion damaged a second bus
Aug.20   Palestinians promise new efforts  Palestinian leaders vowed to take 'measures not seen before,' following dramatic calls from Israel and the U.S.

September 2003 ... more > Top ^
Sep.9     Suicide bombers kill 13
  A bomber set off an explosion at a bus stop east of Tel Aviv. Another bombing killed 6 at cafe in West Jerusalem Sep.11     Israel decided to 'remove' Arafat
  A decision of security Cabinet could mean the Palestinian leader's expulsion from his Ramallah compound Sep.14 Israel 'considers killing Arafat' Sep.15 FM: Israel is not considering killing Arafat

October 2003 ... more > Top ^
Oct.1   Israel to expand security barrier  The cabinet has approved the next phase of a controversial fence it is building in the West Bank

November 2003 ... more > Top ^
Nov.10 Prisoner swap with Hezbollah approved

December 2003 ... more > Top ^
Dec.18     Israel warns of unilateral moves
  Sharon: Israel will take steps to separate from the Palestinians unless there is progress on the roadmap peace plan Dec.22   Muslims attack Egyptian foreign minister
  Ahmed Maher was hospitalized in good condition after worshipers attacked him as he tried to pray at the Al Aqsa Mosque   Suspects seized over Maher attack  Israeli police have detained 7 Palestinians. The foreign minister returned to Egypt

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