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B. 10-01 Kidnapped banker's son: Body found Germany
2. 10-01 U.N. pressing Iraq on tough issues Austria
3. 10-01 Holiday safety alert Beijing
E. 10-01 First day of Louis Vuitton Cup New Zealand
5. 10-01 Mother Teresa on road to sainthood Vatican
G. 10-01 President: 'Ferry errors' Senegal
10-01 U.N., Iraq agree on inspections Austria
I. 10-01 U.S.: No resolution, no inspectors Washington
J. 10-01 AC Milan wins at Bayern 2-1 Munich


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Morning News

Oct.1   Germany   Kidnapped banker's son: Body found
  A corpse was found by a lake after police launched a massive search for Jakob, the son of Friedrich and Silvia von Metzler

  Austria   U.N. pressing Iraq on tough issues  Arms inspectors are pressing Iraqi officials for access to 'sensitive sites' where Saddam may be hiding weapons of mass destruction

  Beijing Holiday safety alert  Leaders of cities, provinces and departments are being held personally responsible for safety during the National Day holidays

  New Zealand First day of Louis Vuitton Cup  Switzerland's Alinghi and Oracle scored strong wins on the first day of the America's Cup challengers series

  Vatican Mother Teresa on road to sainthood  Mother Theresa had a miracle attributed to her by Pope John Paul's office. The nun will likely be beatified

  Senegal President: 'Ferry errors'  Abdoulaye Wade believed the sinking resulted from human negligence. There will be prosecutions, he said

Day News

  Austria   U.N., Iraq agree on inspections
  Iraqis agreed to give U.N. weapons inspectors unrestricted access to most -- but not all -- of their country

  Washington   U.S.: No resolution, no inspectors  Powell: United States will oppose the return of U.N. weapons inspectors to Iraq without a new mandate from the Security Council

  Munich AC Milan wins at Bayern 2-1  Munich was staring at a first round Champions League exit after Inzaghi's double inflicted a second home group G defeat

  England Blair: Resume Mideast talks soon  Prime Minister: Final-status Middle East talks must resume by the end of the year towards creating a Palestinian state

  Senegal Transport minister quits  Youssouf Sakho resigned. The nation's defense minister, Youba Sambou, also was expected to resign

  Texas Lili strengthens, aims for U.S.  A hurricane watch was issued as hurricane moved past Cuba toward the Gulf of Mexico

Evening News

  Kashmir   Bomb explodes on bus  A timer device has set off a bomb, killing at least one person and wounding 18 others

  Beijing Beijing seeks WMD curbs  Beijing has reiterated its pledge to stop the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction

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