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Baghdad Weapon Inspection (8)   Scud Ship (4)   Pyongyang (68)   North Korea Weapons of Mass Destruction (85)   North Korea, 2002

Weapon Inspection Main Event: N. Korea to re...
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1. 12-07 Iraq hands over arms declaration Baghdad
C. 12-10 Scud missile ship seized Yemen
12-12 N. Korea to reactivate nuke plants Pyongyang, North Korea
E. 12-27 41 killed in Grozny blasts Chechnya
5. 12-27 Nuclear inspectors expelled North Korea

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Iraq hands over arms declaration Scud missile ship seized N. Korea to reactivate nuke plants   Pyongyang regards a joint agreement with the United States, Japan and South Korea as defunct 41 killed in Grozny blasts Nuclear inspectors expelled
Dec.1  Venezuela  Nightclub Blaze in Caracas Kills 47
 Bangladesh  Stampede kills 36
Dec.2  Mumbai  3 Killed, 27 Injured in Bus Blast
Dec.3  Iraq  Saddam's palace opens up
Dec.4  Sydney  Wildfires ravage Sydney
Dec.5  Indonesia  Blast rocks McDonald's
 Gaza  Incursion into Palestinian camp kills 9
Dec.6  Washington  Treasury chief O'Neill, Lindsey resigned
Dec.7   Baghdad
Dec.8  Serbia  Serbian poll invalid again
Dec.9  New York  United flies into bankruptcy
Dec.10   Yemen
Dec.11  Yemen  U.S. lets Scud ship sail to Yemen
 French Guiana  Europe's super rocket explodes
Dec.12   North Korea
Dec.13  Denmark  Agreement bring 10 new countries into EU
Dec.14  Jordan  2 held for diplomat killing
Dec.15  England  Cargo wreck obstructs Dover Straits
 Washington  Gore will not run for president in 2004
Dec.16  North Korea  N. Korea: Only treaty will prevent war
 South Africa  DR Congo peace deal signed
Dec.17  Washington  Bush gives go-ahead to missile defence
 Spain  Ronaldo best world player for third time
Dec.18  Venezuela  Strike strangles oil exports
Dec.19  South Korea  Roh claims victory presidential vote
 Washington  Powell: Declaration 'fails totally'
Dec.20  U.S. Senate  Lott stepping down as majority leader
 UN  Blix wants intelligence from U.S., U.K.
Dec.21  Ivory Coast  French fight Ivorian rebels
 Kabul  Helicopter crashes near Kabul airport
 North Korea  N Korea removes nuclear monitors
Dec.22  West Bank  Palestinians to postpone elections
Dec.23  Iran  Ukrainian plane crash kills 46
 Southern Iraq  U.S. drone shot down
Dec.24  California  Pregnant woman missing
 West Bank  Little Christmas cheer in Bethlehem
Dec.25  North Korea  Nuke fuel rods moved
Dec.26  West Bank  9 Palestinians killed
Dec.27   Chechnya
  North Korea