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B. 08-01 Olimpia win Libertadores over Caetano Sao Paulo
2. 08-01 UN says no massacre in Jenin West Bank
D. 08-01 WorldCom executives arrested New York
E. 08-01 Police: Cell phone triggered bomb Jerusalem
5. 08-01 Remote-controlled robot searches caves Afghanistan
6. 08-01 Anger at Russia-Iran nuclear ties Washington
H. 08-01 Mugabe retaliates against sanctions Zimbabwe
I. 08-01 U.S. signs terror pact with SE Asia Brunei
08-01 Iraq offers arms inspections talks Baghdad


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Morning News

Aug.1   Sao Paulo   Olimpia win Libertadores over Caetano  Olimpia won the Libertadores Cup for the third time, coming from behind and then winning a penalty shootout 4-2

  West Bank UN says no massacre in Jenin  An investigation has rejected claims that hundreds of Palestinian civilians were killed in Israel's attack on the refugee camp

  New York WorldCom executives arrested  Former chief financial officer Scott Sullivan and former controller David Myers were taken into custody by FBI

Day News

  Jerusalem   Police: Cell phone triggered bomb  Bomb in a crowded cafeteria at Hebrew University kills five Americans and two Israelis

  Afghanistan Remote-controlled robot searches caves  US Army's first battlefield robot is intended to check the trails ahead and send back pictures

  Washington Anger at Russia-Iran nuclear ties  Energy Secretary was deeply concerned that Russia was helping to build nuclear reactors in Iran

  Zimbabwe Mugabe retaliates against sanctions  The government will take retaliatory steps for sanctions imposed on President and his officials by Western countries

  Brunei U.S. signs terror pact with SE Asia  The United States and Southeast Asia are signing a counter-terrorism pact at the ASEAN regional forum

Evening News

  Baghdad   Iraq offers arms inspections talks
  Iraq has invited the UN chief weapons inspector to visit Baghdad for talks about the resumption of arms inspections

  West Bank   Israeli tanks enter Nablus  Israel is moving into the city with more than 150 armored vehicles, Apache helicopters, tanks and bulldozers

  Washington FBI searches apartment in anthrax probe  Agents searched the apartment of Steven Hatfill, 48, a former researcher at the U.S. Army's biological warfare laboratory

  Kashmir Clashes claim 20 lives  4 Islamic militants and an Indian officer were killed in a gun battle in the town of Rajouri

  Indonesia U.S. promises Indonesia anti-terror funds  Colin Powell has promised $50 million over the next few years to help the country fight international terrorism

  United Arab Emirates 9/11 hijacker questioned in January 2001  Ziad Jarrah was questioned in the United Arab Emirates at the request of the CIA, 9 months before the attacks

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