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Hijackers demand end war Map of Medina Saudi Arabia  The hijackers are demanding an end to the Chechnya war. A Russian airplane sits isolated at the Medina airport 3 die as jet hijack ends
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  Hajj continues after crush tragedy  Stoning of Satan, is the 3-day ritual, a central part of the Muslim Hajj Virus alert in Gulf states  United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have found cases of foot-and-mouth disease Hijack plane lands in Saudi
  Call for OPEC supply curbs  Saudi Arabia called for supply curbs when the cartel meets to prevent a further slide in oil prices Europeans confess to Saudi bombs  TV showed a Briton, a Belgian, and a Canadian confessing to 2 bombings Hajj pilgrims flock to Mina   Muslim pilgrims have left Mecca in thousands of cars and buses or on foot for Mina at the start of the annual pilgrimage   Hajj reaches climax  2 million pilgrims have descended on Mount Arafat outside Mecca Hajj crush kills pilgrims

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  A stampede has killed at least 35 Muslim pilgrims during the ritual of the symbolic stoning of Satan
  A Russian passenger plane hijacked after takeoff from Turkey. Kremlin is assuming the Kidnappers are from Chechnya
  Security forces stormed a Russian plane hijacked by Chechens. Dead were a ijacker, a passenger and a flight attendant
  Russia seeks hijack extraditions  Russia is demanding that the hijackers who were arrested after Saudi special forces stormed the plane are extradited Mar.28   Iraqi-Saudi Embrace  Prince Abdul Aziz and Iraqi Vice President embraced each other as sign of improving Iraqi-Saudi relations

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Jun.12   Embassy bomber sentenced to life
  Mohamed al-'Owhali, a 24-year-old Saudi, sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole

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Oct.3     Rumsfeld visits Riyadh
  US Defence Secretary has begun a tour of the Middle East Oct.6   2 killed in explosion
  A pedestrian threw a package bomb. Blast has killed 2 people and injured 4 other
Oct.11   Saudi gift rejected  Mayor Giuliani rejected a $10m donation from Prince Al-Walid after he said US should re-examine policies in Mid East Oct.31     Blair talks with King Fahd
  UK Prime Minister aimed at bolstering support for the US-led coalition against terrorism

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