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World News (13) Europe (1821) Balkans (222) 2001
Crime (40) Politics (31) Milosevic (91) Karadzic (35) War & Army (76) Disasters (4) Business (3) Greek Debt Crisis (139) Sports (1) Robertson (4) Tetovo (4) Ivanisevic (3) Extradition Decree (3) Ademi (2)
Balkans, January 2001 Balkans, February 2001 Balkans, March 2001 Balkans, April 2001 Balkans, May 2001 Balkans, June 2001 Balkans, July 2001 Balkans, August 2001 Balkans, September 2001 Balkans, October 2001 Balkans, November 2001 Balkans, December 2001
Post Yugoslavia Bosnia Croatia Serbia Macedonia Montenegro Slovenia Kosovo Belgrade Bulgaria Greece Athens Romania Albania
Macedonia War & Army (59)   Putin, 2001   Milosevic, 2001   UN Tribunal Justice (78)   Belgrade, 2001   Tetovo (4)
Summary.     Click for More > Ivanisevic won Wimbledon General surrenders to U.N. court Agreement on Macedonia police Battle for Tetovo rages  National Security Council authorised onslaught against rebels Bosnian Serb flown to U.N. court   NATO begins Macedonia mission  Vanguard of 400 troops arrived to collect arms from rebels NATO approves Macedonia force Parliament backs peace plan Moderate wins vote Socialist wins presidency Blast as probe begins Milosevic refuses genocide plea Army officer jailed for treason
Plavsic indicted Macedonia launches offensive  Government has launched a 'final operation' to crush ethnic Albanian rebels Milosevic arrested Peres Meets Palestinians Troops killed on border Pope moves to heal ancient rift Fierce clashes   Bush meets Putin  U.S. President hails new era in relations with Russia. Bush invited Putin to his ranch in Crawford, Texas Ex-king party wins elections   Milosevic extradited to Hague
  Former President was taken from a prison in Belgrade, sent to the Bosnia, then arrived at The Hague. Kostunica protested

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Plavsic indicted  The former Bosnian Serb president indicted on war crimes charges by the UN War Crimes Tribunal Macedonia launches offensive

January 2001 ... more > Top ^
Jan.14  Kostunica meets Milosevic

February 2001 ... more > Top ^
Feb.16  7 dead in Kosovo bus attack
Feb.21  War crimes suspect detained
Feb.22  Bosnian Serbs jailed for war rape
Feb.24  Milosevic's henchman arrested

March 2001 ... more > Top ^
Mar.16  Refugees flee Macedonia clashes
Mar.18  Macedonia bombards hillsides
Mar.22  Macedonian forces resume shelling
  Government has launched a 'final operation' to crush ethnic Albanian rebels
Mar.25  Macedonia takes rebel positions Mar.30  Standoff at Milosevic villa Mar.31     Milosevic arrested  Former President arrested after a standoff at his home and taken to prison for questioning on corruption charges

April 2001 ... more > Top ^
Apr.1  Milosevic to be in custody 30 days Apr.2  U.S. approves aid to Yugoslavia Apr.3   Peres Meets Palestinians  S. Peres and Palestinian Minister N. Shaath are both attending an international business conference Apr.5  Tribunal serves Milosevic warrant Apr.6  Peacekeepers hurt in Croat riot Apr.11  Milosevic taken to hospital Apr.15  Genocide suspect held Apr.22  Pro-independence winning Apr.26  General strike Apr.28   Troops killed on border  8 soldiers have been killed in a shooting incident near border with Kosovo

May 2001 ... more > Top ^
May.4     Pope moves to heal ancient rift  John Paul II has asked God to forgive Catholics for sins committed against Orthodox Christians May.8  Unity deal hits snag May.10  Albanian PM urges Macedonia deal May.12  30 rebels killed May.17  General strike May.19  Macedonian forces shell villages May.20  Ruling coalition set to win vote May.21  Clashes reignite conflict May.23  Yugoslavia returns to buffer zone May.25  Thousands flee offensive

June 2001 ... more > Top ^
Jun.5   Fierce clashes  Rebels are attacking army positions near Gajre. Tank and machine gun fire could be heard Jun.10  Macedonians flee as rebels advance Jun.16     Bush meets Putin
  U.S. President hails new era in relations with Russia. Bush invited Putin to his ranch in Crawford, Texas
Jun.17   Ex-king party wins elections  National Movement of Simeon II had 45% of vote. Ruling United Democratic Forces had 19%, communists 16% Jun.21  Peace talks resumed Jun.22  Rebels under attack Jun.23 Milosevic extradition decree Jun.25 President flees rioters Jun.26 Milosevic supporters take to streets Jun.28     Milosevic extradited to Hague
  Former President was taken from a prison in Belgrade, sent to the Bosnia, then arrived at The Hague. Kostunica protested
Jun.29 $1 Billion aid agreed NATO approves Macedonia force

July 2001 ... more > Top ^
Jul.3 War crimes court charges Milosevic
Jul.6 Fragile truce holding Jul.9     Ivanisevic won Wimbledon  Ivanisevic, Rafter 6-3, 3-6, 6-3, 2-6, 9-7. He become the second player to win a title without being seeded Jul.11 Srebrenica massacre 6th anniversary Jul.24 Mobs attack embassies Jul.25   General surrenders to U.N. court  Rahim Ademi to be charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity from the war between Serbs and Croats Rebels to pull back Jul.26 Rebels begin withdrawal Envoys met leaders Jul.28 Serbs rally for wanted Karadzic Jul.30 Arrest warrants for rebel leaders

August 2001 ... more > Top ^
Aug.3 Bosnian Muslim officers charged
Aug.5 Solana arrives for peace drive   Agreement on Macedonia police  1,000 Albanian policemen will be hired by July 2003 and deployed according to the population Aug.7  5 rebels killed in raid  Mine blast kills 13  Iranian gunrunners in Kosovo Aug.8 Battle in Tetovo Aug.9   Battle for Tetovo rages
  National Security Council authorised onslaught against rebels
Aug.10  Soldiers killed in blast Aug.14  Rebels sign arms pact Aug.15  Caution over cease-fire   Bosnian Serb flown to U.N. court
  Dragan Jokic, army officer wanted over the Srebrenica massacre, gave himself up Aug.16  Serb denies genocide charge Aug.17 NATO force decision delayed  Kostunica party quits coalition Aug.18     NATO begins Macedonia mission
  Vanguard of 400 troops arrived to collect arms from rebels
Wife visits Milosevic for 60 Aug.19  Battle threatens truce Aug.21  5 Albanians shot dead  Bosnia Serb denies Srebrenica role NATO general backs Macedonia plan Aug.22   NATO approves Macedonia force  North Atlantic Council has approved Operation Essential Harvest for the deployment 3,500-strong force to collect weapons Aug.23 Lawyers demand Milosevic's freedom Aug.24 NATO and rebels agree on arms  Milosevic reprimanded for TV call Aug.25 Blasts ahead of NATO arms mission Aug.26  Blast as NATO sets weapons target Aug.27 British soldier killed Aug.29  NATO chief pressures Macedonians  Plavsic gets bail Aug.30 Milosevic facing genocide charges  NATO collects 1/3 of weapons Aug.31  Crowds delay Macedonia debate

September 2001 ... more > Top ^
Sep.1  Peace debate postponed Sep.2  Peace talks to resume Sep.5  Rights group accuses Macedonia Sep.6   Parliament backs peace plan
  91 to 19 vote approved reforms to upgrade the status of the ethnic Albanian minority  Serb genocide suspect freed Sep.7 2nd phase of arms collection
 10th anniversary of independence Sep.9  Another mass grave found Sep.24  Bosnian general flies to The Hague Sep.25  Nato hails Macedonia operation Sep.26  Nato approves new Macedonia force

October 2001 ... more > Top ^
Oct.4  Return to rebel areas halted Oct.29 Milosevic scorns war crimes court

November 2001 ... more > Top ^
Nov.2  Bosnia concentr. camp guards jailed Nov.11  Stoyanov failed to win election  Gunmen take hostages Nov.12  New charges for Milosevic Nov.15  Peace accord sealed Nov.16  War-crimes suspect extradited Nov.17   Moderate wins vote  Albanian party of moderate Rugova is short of an outright majority Nov.18   Socialist wins presidency  44-year-old ex-communist Georgi Parvanov has defeated incumbent Petar Stoyanov and received more than 50% Nov.20   Blast as probe begins  A blast has shaken Tetovo hours after U.N. tribunal announced investigations of government soldiers and Albanian rebels Nov.23  Bosnians hail Milosevic move

December 2001 ... more > Top ^
Dec.3  Europe anti-terror summit Dec.10  Assembly met Dec.11     Milosevic refuses genocide plea
  Former Yugoslav President sat impassively as the genocide charges were read out Dec.12   Army officer jailed for treason  Former major Pierre Bunel convicted for leaking NATO bombing plans to Belgrade Dec.19  Court throws out case against Nato Dec.21  7 die in Sofia disco stampede Dec.26  Enough evidence to convict Milosevic Dec.28  UN's Kosovo chief resigns