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Firefighter killed after jet crash-lands in Dubai with 300 people on board All 61 aboard Dubai airliner killed in crash in south Russia Map of Rostov-on-Don Russia
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B. 2018-01-14 Panic as jet skids off runway at Trabzon Trabzon, Turkey
C. 2018-01-02 Ryanair passenger takes emergency exit Malaga, Spain
3. 2017-02-14 Harrison Ford 'in near-miss' at US airport John Wayne airport, Southern California
E. 2017-01-15 Turkish cargo plane from Hong Kong crashes into Kyrgyzstan homes Manas, Kyrgyzstan
F. 2016-12-18 Russian plane crashes in Siberia with 16 injured Tiksi, Bulun, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Siberia
2016-11-28 Plane carrying members of Brazilian soccer team crashes in Colombia Jose Maria Cordova de Rionegro airport, Medellin, Colombia
H. 2016-10-27 Trump running mate Mike Pence's plane skids off runway LaGuardia Airport, New York
I. 2016-08-03 Firefighter killed after jet crash-lands in Dubai with 300 people on board
9. 2016-03-29 Canada plane crash on Quebec island kills 7 Iles-de-la-Madeleine Airport, Quebec, Canada

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Panic as jet skids off runway at Trabzon Ryanair passenger takes emergency exit   Turkish cargo plane from Hong Kong crashes into Kyrgyzstan homes   The Boeing 747 flying from Hong Kong has crashed in Kyrgyzstan, killing at least 32 people, most of them on the ground, say officials Plane carrying members of Brazilian soccer team crashes in Colombia Map of Jose Maria Cordova de Rionegro airport Medellin Colombia
Jan.14   Turkey
Jan.2   Spain

year 2017 Top ^

Feb.14  Southern California  Harrison Ford 'in near-miss' at US airport
Jan.15   Kyrgyzstan

year 2016 Top ^

Dec.18  Siberia  Russian plane crashes in Siberia with 16 injured
Nov.28   Colombia
  A chartered aircraft carrying a Brazilian soccer team for a regional tournament final has crashed on its way to Medellin's international airport
 A plane was carrying 81 people
Oct.27  New York  Trump running mate Mike Pence's plane skids off runway
Aug.3   Dubai
Mar.29  Canada  Canada plane crash on Quebec island kills 7
Mar.20  Russia  Rostov-on-Don black boxes 'damaged'
Mar.18   Russia
  Passenger jet FlyDubai Boeing 738 has crashed in the southern city of Rostov-on-Don with at least 55 passengers and six crew on board, officials say

year 2015 Top ^

Nov.26  Mexico  Landing gear collapses as Mexican jetliner lands in Mexico City Aug.16   Indonesia Indonesia passenger plane wreckage found in Papua   The wreckage of the Trigana Air flight carrying 54 people has been found in the remote western Papua region, officials say  Cape Town  South African medical aircraft crashes, killing all 5 people Jul.31  England  Private jet belonging to bin Laden family slams into car auction Apr.14  Japan  Asiana Airlines plane skids off Hiroshima runway Mar.28   Maritime Provinces 23 injured after plane leaves runway on 'abrupt' landing   Air Canada AC624 made an 'abrupt' landing and left the runway at the Halifax airport in bad weather, but there were no immediate reports of... Mar.5  New York  Plane skids off New York runway Mar.3  Nepal  Turkish jetliner skids off on runway, passengers safe Jan.4  Kenya  Nairobi flights halted after plane crash

year 2014 Top ^

Dec.11  Sri Lanka  Air force plane crashes in fog near capital, killing 4 Dec.7  London  Drone involved in Heathrow near miss Nov.9  Bahamas  9 dead in Bahamas plane crash Aug.13  Northern Ireland  Pilot's artificial arm 'became detached while landing plane' Jul.23   Taiwan Dozens feared dead in Taiwan plane crash
Map of Penghu Islands Taiwan
  Forty-seven people were killed and 11 were injured in Wednesday's twin-engine turboprop plane crash on one of Taiwan's Penghu Islands.    10 people were injured in the plane crash an...
Jul.7   Barcelona Jet disaster averted in Barcelona near-miss Jun.28  London  No injuries after 2 Ryanair jets collide on ground at airport Jun.24  San Francisco Bay Area  Asiana flight 214: Crew 'over-relied' on automation Apr.20  North Mexico  8 dead in northern Mexico plane crash Mar.8  Nepal  Indian flight catches fire in Nepal; no casualties Feb.21   Tunisia 11 killed as Libyan military plane crashes in Tunisia Feb.11  Algeria  Algeria mourns dozens killed in military plane crash   Algeria Algeria plane crash 'kills scores'   An Algerian military transport plane has crashed in mountains in the north-east of the country with 103 passengers and crew on board Jan.6  Azerbaijan  Singapore A380 in emergency landing Jan.5  Colorado  Small jet crashes in Colorado  Saudi Arabia  Dozens hurt in Saudi jet landing

year 2013 Top ^

Dec.6  Russia  Russia investigates crash jet pilot Nov.18  Russia  Russia crash plane 'fell vertically' at Kazan airport  Volga Region  Tatarstan declares day of mourning after Russia plane crash kills 50 Nov.17   Russia 'Dozens dead' in Russian plane crash
Map of Kazan Russia  A passenger Boeing 737 has crashed at an airport in the Russian city of Kazan, killing at least 50 people, officials say Nov.3  Bolivia  Eight killed in Bolivia plane crash Oct.9  Northern England  Airport emergency landing man 'just wanted to get down' Oct.5  Northern Nigeria  Nigerian plane blows out tires landing in Sokoto Sep.29  Rome  Alitalia jet makes safe emergency landing in Rome Sep.8  Bangkok  Thai plane skids off Bangkok runway Aug.14   Alabama Two pilots killed in UPS plane crash Aug.10  Connecticut  Plane crash kills ex-Microsoft exec Aug.9  Somalia  Military plane crashes in Mogadishu Aug.5  Northern Japan  Korean plane goes off runway in Japan; no injuries Jul.22   New York Ten hurt as NY plane's wheel fails   Ten people were left with minor injuries after a plane's nose wheel collapsed when it landed at New York's LaGuardia Airport, officials say Jul.10  San Francisco Bay Area  Crash plane evacuation 'was delayed' Jul.9  San Francisco Bay Area  Pilot 'knew' crash plane was too low Jul.8  San Francisco Bay Area  Flight attendants praised for actions after crash Jul.7  San Francisco Bay Area  Crash Boeing 'tried to abort landing'  San Francisco Bay Area  Boeing 777 crash 'not mechanical failure' Jul.6   San Francisco Bay Area   Jet crash-lands at San Francisco International
  A Boeing 777 aircraft has crash-landed at San Francisco international airport, killing at least two people and injuring dozens more May.24  London  Runways reopen after emergency landing at Heathrow May.15  Nepal  Plane with foreign tourists crashes in Nepal May.8  Rio de Janeiro  Brazil helicopter crashes near Sugarloaf Mountain Apr.13   Bali All survive as Bali jet lands in sea Mar.4  Congo  At least 7 killed after plane crashes Feb.13  Eastern Ukraine  Deaths reported in Ukraine plane crash Jan.29  Kazakhstan  Passenger jet crashes near Almaty Jan.15   Japan Japan emergency hits Dreamliners   Japan's two main airlines have grounded their Boeing 787 after one was forced to make an emergency landing because of battery problems

year 2012 Top ^

Dec.29   Moscow Plane crashes into road outside Moscow
Dec.25   Myanmar Two killed in Burma crash landing Aug.18  Philippines  Philippine minister missing after crash Jun.4  Nigeria  Pilot signaled trouble moments before crash Jun.3   Nigeria Passenger plane crashes into Lagos building Map of Lagos Nigeria  All dead in Nigeria plane crash. At least 162 people were thought to be on board Apr.20   Pakistan No survivors from Pakistan plane crash Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  A commercial airplane carrying 127 people crashed in Islamabad just before it was to land at a nearby airport. Poor weather is a possible factor.    The Bhoja Air Boeing 737-200 had been making its first evening flight from Karachi to Islamabad. ...

year 2011 Top ^

Sep.24   Nepal Tourist plane crashes near Kathmandu
Sep.2  Chile  Chile air force plane disappears Jul.30  Guyana  Plane crashes at Guyana airport Jul.26   Morocco Plane crash kills 78 in Morocco Jun.20   Russia Northwestern Russia jet crash kills dozens   At least 44 people died when twin-engine Tupolev-134 crashed onto a highway outside the northwestern city of Petrozavodsk Apr.19   Washington U.S. first lady's plane aborts landing Jan.9   Iran Plane with 105 aboard crashes in Iran

year 2010 Top ^

Dec.4   Moscow 2 die as Russian plane skids off runway
Aug.16   Colombia 737 breaks apart on island landing Jul.27   Pakistan   Plane crashes in Pakistan capital Map of Islamabad Pakistan  An Airbus A321 crashed as it was about to land, in heavy monsoon rain and poor visibility, killing all 152 people on board May.22  Southern India  Air India jet crash investigation begins   Southern India Bodies recovered in India jet crash May.21   Southern India Plane crash leaves about 160 dead   Only six or seven people had survived and were being treated in hospitals. The Air India Express' Boeing 737-800 was arriving from Dubai May.19  Moscow  No terror caused Polish plane crash May.12   Libya Child is sole Libya jet crash survivor
Map of Tripoli Libya  92 passengers and 11 crew members were killed. An 8-year-old boy who is a Dutch citizen is the sole survivor of a deadly Afriqiyah Airways crash Apr.10   Russia Polish president died in plane crash
Map of Smolensk Russia
  Tupolev 154, carrying Lech Kaczynski, has crashed near a Russian airport. 87 people were killed; there were no survivors
 Kaczynski, his wife Maria and several senior government figures were in Russia to mark the 70th anniversary of the Katyn massacre. They included the army chief of staff Gen Franciszek Gagor, central bank governor Slawomir Skrzypek and deputy Foreign Minister Andrzej Kremer. There were a total of 132 people on the plane

year 2009 Top ^

Jul.24   Iran 17 die as plane skids, bursts into flames
Jun.29   Comoros Yemeni plane crashes with 154 aboard  A Yemeni jetliner en route to Moroni has crashed in the Indian Ocean an hour before reaching its destination, Moroni, the capital of Comoros May.22  Northeastern Brazil  Plane crash in kills 11 Mar.22   Mountain States 'Children die' in plane crash  Japan  2 die as cargo plane crash lands Feb.27  Netherlands  Turkish plane fell 'vertically' to ground Feb.25   Netherlands Nine killed as Turkish plane crashes Feb.13  London  2 hurt in London City Airport crash Feb.12   Upstate New York 50 die after plane crashes into house   A Continental Airlines plane crashed in suburban Buffalo. There were 44 passengers, 4 crew members killed on board and one on the ground

year 2008 Top ^

Oct.7  Nepal  'Tourists die' in Nepal air crash Oct.4  Baghdad  Helicopters collide while landing Sep.13   Ural No survivors in jetliner crash
Jun.10   Sudan 28 dead as fire engulfs plane May.30  Honduras  4 dead after airliner overshoots runway Jan.17  London  Heathrow crash probe to begin   London Heathrow jet lands short of runway

year 2007 Top ^

Nov.29   Turkey Jetliner with 56 people on board crashed
Sep.16   Southern Thailand 87 killed in plane crash   A passenger jet crashed at the Phuket Airport in southern Thailand shortly after landing, killing 87 of the 130 people on board Aug.19  Japan  Jetliner burst into flames Jul.17   Sao Paulo About 200 dead from plane crash   TAM Airlines Airbus 320 skidded across a road and crashed into a building, carrying 176 people crashed while attempting to land in heavy rain Mar.17  Volga Region  Seven dead in plane crash Mar.7   Indonesia Scores escape flaming plane wreck

year 2006 Top ^

Sep.1  Iran  Up to 80 killed when jetliner catches fire Jul.9   Siberia 122 dead in airline crash

year 2005 Top ^

Dec.10   Nigeria Jet crashes in flames. 100 killed
Aug.2   Toronto All survive Air France jet crash and fire  A jetliner attempting to land overran a runway, smashed into a gully and burst into flames

year 2004 Top ^

Feb.10  United Arab Emirates  Iranian airliner crashed, killing 43

year 2000 Top ^

Apr.8   Arizona Osprey plane crash kills 19 marines