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MH17 bodies out of rebel area   A train carrying the remains of victims of the Malaysian airliner which crashed in Ukraine has arrived in the city of Kharkiv, outside rebel... Pro-Russian rebels hand over black boxes, release victims' remains  Donbass: The bodies of nearly 300 passengers and crew aboard the Malaysia Airlines jet shot down over Ukraine are being turned over to Dutch authorities Train with bodies leaves Ukraine station   Donbass: A Ukrainian train carrying bodies from the Malaysia Airlines plane crash has left the station of the town of Torez 'Drunken separatists' interfering at MH17 crash site   Donbass: John Kerry says it is clear missile system was transferred from Russia MH17 air crash: Bodies put on train   Donbass: The remains of up to 196 people from the crash in Ukraine have been loaded on to refrigerated rail wagons, to be taken to an unknown destina... Ukraine accuses rebels of looting crash site   Donbass: The grim task began of gathering the remains of some of the 298 victims of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in body bags ready for removal Ukraine rebels 'halt MH17 observers'   Donbass: A team of international observers say pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine have limited their access to the wreckage of a Malaysia Airlines plane Monitors find confusion, hostility at Malaysia Airlines crash site Map of Grabovo Donetsk Ukraine  Donbass: International monitors said the team was not given full access to the site and was greeted with hostility by armed men guarding the scene U.S. official: Missile shot down Malaysia Airlines plane  Washington: A passenger jet crashed in a rebel-controlled part of Ukraine, spurring accusations from Ukrainian officials that terrorists shot it down Malaysia PM: Deep shock over Ukraine plane crash   Najib Razak has called the Malaysia Airlines plane crash in eastern Ukraine 'deeply shocking'   Malaysia airliner crashes in east Ukraine near Russia border Map of Grabovo Donetsk Ukraine
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War & Army Main Event: All Malaysia flight w...
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1. 2015-10-29 Fire hits Ukraine arsenal, setting off explosions Svatove, Donbass
C. 2015-03-04 33 bodies recovered from eastern Ukraine mine disaster Zasyadko mine, Donetsk, Donbass
3. 2015-01-06 Bus crash kills 12 Ukrainian servicemen and injures 21 Artemivsk, Donetsk, Donbass
4. 2014-12-31 Wide power outage reported in Ukraine's rebel-held Luhansk Luhansk, Donbass
F. 2014-12-03 Emergency repair reported at Ukraine nuclear power plant Nuclear power plant, Zaporizhya, Eastern Ukraine
2014-11-23 All Malaysia flight wreckage recovered in Ukraine Donbass
H. 2014-11-16 MH17 flight investigators remove crucial debris Hrabove, Donetsk, Donbass
I. 2014-11-16 MH17 flight wreckage removal begins in Ukraine Hrabove, Donetsk, Donbass


Monitors reach MH17 crash site. Donbass Ukraine: Landmines stop MH17 access  Donbass: Twelve days after MH17 was blown out of the sky, pieces of the plane remain here, but for days investigators haven't been able to reach the ... MH17 jet 'downed by missile shrapnel,' says Ukraine. Kiev MH17 investigators 'sick and tired of being delayed'. Donbass MH17: Dutch PM rules out military mission to secure site. Netherlands Security pact reached for MH17 investigators. Donbass Malaysia: Investigators must have full access to MH17 site MH17 crash: Ukraine rebel leader denies having Buk missile   Donbass: A leader of pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine said that his forces do not possess the missile thought to have been used to to bring down Malaysia... MH17 dead to be flown to Netherlands Map of Kharkiv Ukraine  The first bodies recovered from the Malaysia Airlines plane which crashed in Ukraine last week are to be flown to the Netherlands for identification MH17 remains 'still at crash site' Map of Grabovo Donetsk Ukraine
Fire hits Ukraine arsenal, setting off explosions. Donbass 33 bodies recovered from eastern Ukraine mine disaster   Donbass: The explosion at Zasyadko mine was caused by methane gas, according to DAN, the official news agency for the self-proclaimed DPR Plane brings remains from MH17 back to Netherlands Bus crash kills 12 Ukrainian servicemen and injures 21. Donbass Wide power outage reported in Ukraine's rebel-held Luhansk. Donbass Emergency repair reported at Ukraine nuclear power plant   All Malaysia flight wreckage recovered in Ukraine  Donbass: Workers have recovered all of the wreckage of Flight 17, 4 months after the passenger jet was shot down over rebel-held eastern Ukraine   MH17 flight investigators remove crucial debris Map of Hrabove Donetsk Ukraine  Donbass: Local workers have removed crucial debris and human remains from the crash site of the MH17 jet in rebel-held eastern Ukraine after months of delays   MH17 flight wreckage removal begins in Ukraine   Donbass: Work has begun to remove wreckage from the MH17 crash site in rebel-held eastern Ukraine after months of delays, Dutch officials say   MH17 victims' remains flown to Netherlands   4 months after the flight plunged out of the sky over eastern Ukraine, recently discovered remains have been flown back to the Netherlands Malaysia to send teams to Ukraine to retrieve remains from MH17 Cadaver dogs assist in Ukraine crash site search. Donbass New fighting hampers MH17 crash probe. Donbass 70 international experts search Ukraine MH17 crash site Map of Grabovo Donetsk Ukraine

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  Donbass: The grisly search for human remains entered a new phase Friday, as the largest group yet of international experts scoured the crash site
  Donbass: The search for victims of the Malaysia crash in Ukraine must go on as only about 200 bodies appear to have been found so far, Dutch officials say

  Donbass: A Malaysian airliner reportedly with 295 people on board has crashed near the Russian border, on a flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur
 Malaysia Airlines lost contact with Flight MH17. All 295 passengers and crew are believed dead as a nairliner crashes in the east Ukraine conflict zone, amid claims of a missile attack An aviation source in Moscow said the plane had been found burning on the ground in east Ukraine Separatist rebels have been fighting government forces in the region

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Feb.13 Deaths reported in Ukraine plane crash

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Jun.15 France reign in Ukraine rain
. Donbass

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Jun.8 Battle to save 37 miners

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Nov.18   63 killed after coal mine blast
Map of Donetsk Ukraine
  Donbass: A methane blast has ripped through a mine in eastern Ukraine, killing more than 30 miners and leaving about 50 others missing.    The explosion occurred at the Zasyadka mine in the Donetsk region at a dept...

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Aug.22   Russia airliner with 170 aboard crashes
Map of Donetsk Ukraine
  Donbass: The pilot reported a fire on board and heavy turbulence. A jet crashed in eastern Ukraine, killing all on board
 The Tupolev-154, belonging to St Petersburg-based Pulkovo airlines,was flying from southern Russia to St Petersburg. The the crash site, is about 45km north of Donetsk.

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Jul.31 Coal mine explosions kills at least 19
. Donbass

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Aug.19 Mine blast kills 33
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