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  Strong tremors shake central Italy region   Two strong earthquakes have hit central Italy, damaging buildings and sending scared residents into the streets Two strong earthquakes rattle Ecuador   Two strong earthquakes shook the northwestern coastal area of Ecuador on Sunday night, the latest aftershocks from a powerful tremor in Apri...   Fresh magnitude-5.4 quake strikes southern Japan   Kumamoto Prefectural official Tomoyuki Tanaka says the death toll is still unclear, with the fire department reporting a higher number of at...   Powerful 6.7 magnitude aftershock rattles Nepal Map of Kathmandu Nepal
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B. 2017-07-09 Strong aftershock follows damaging quake in mid-Philippines Ormoc City, Philippines
C. 2016-11-22 7.4 quake was aftershock from 2011 Fukushima, Northern Japan
D. 2016-10-26 Strong tremors shake central Italy region Visso, Macerat, Italy
E. 2016-07-10 Two strong earthquakes rattle Ecuador Esmeraldas, Ecuador
F. 2016-04-16 Fresh magnitude-5.4 quake strikes southern Japan Kumamoto, Kyushu, Japan
2015-04-26 Powerful 6.7 magnitude aftershock rattles Nepal Kathmandu, Nepal
H. 2014-04-02 Chile leader evacuates as second big quake strikes Iquique, Chile
I. 2014-03-24 People in Chile on edge over unusual string of 300 tremors since strong quake Iquique, Chile
J. 2013-09-28 Pakistani quake area struck again Awaran, Balochistan, West Pakistan

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Strong aftershock follows damaging quake in mid-Philippines   The strongest aftershock yet has shaken the central Philippines following last week's 6.5-magnitude earthquake that damaged a power plant   7.4 quake was aftershock from 2011 Map of Fukushima Japan

year 2017 Top ^

Jul.9   Philippines

year 2016 Top ^

Nov.22   Northern Japan
  The Japan weather agency said that the quake that triggered moderate tsunamis was an aftershock of the devastating 2011 quake
Oct.26   Italy
Jul.10   Ecuador
Apr.16   Japan

year 2015 Top ^

Apr.26   Nepal
  An aftershock shook the Kathmandu region sending people yelling and running Sunday, a day after a massive earthquake crippled the region

year 2014 Top ^

Apr.2   Chile Chile leader evacuates as second big quake strikes
Mar.24   Chile People in Chile on edge over unusual string of 300 tremors since strong quake

year 2013 Top ^

Sep.28   West Pakistan Pakistani quake area struck again   A 6.8-magnitude earthquake has struck south-west Pakistan, in a region where at least 400 people died in a quake earlier this week Feb.8   Solomon Islands Another powerful quake strikes Solomon Islands region

year 2012 Top ^

May.29   Northern Italy Deadly earthquake hits northern Italy
Map of Modena Italy
  At least 12 people were killed in a 5.8-magnitude earthquake, nine days after a 6.0-magnitude quake in the same region killed seven people
 Tuesday's quake was followed by dozens of aftershocks
May.21   Northern Italy New quake rattles Italy after earlier tremor kills 7 Feb.6   Southern Philippines Aftershocks rattle Philippines

year 2011 Top ^

Nov.15   Turkey Another tremblor shakes Turkey
Nov.13   Turkey Death toll jumps from Turkey quake Nov.9   Turkey Turkish earthquake topples hotel Map of Van Turkey
  At least four people died and 50 more were buried under rubble from an earthquake in eastern Turkey. 16 people were rescued from under rubble
Oct.25   Turkey Aftershock 'sparks jail riot'   An aftershock has been blamed for sparking a riot in a Turkish prison in the eastern city of Van Jul.30   Northern Japan   Earthquake hits off Japan coast
Map of Iwaki Japan  A 6.4 magnitude earthquake has been felt in north-east Japan, shaking buildings in the capital Tokyo Jul.9   Northern Japan   Japan quake sparks tsunami alert   A strong 7.1 earthquake has jolted north-east Japan, the same area that was devastated four months ago Jun.22   Northern Japan   Magnitude 6.7 quake rattles N. Japan   An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.7 struck off the Pacific Coast of northern Japan. Tsunami warning canceled Apr.12   Northern Japan More quakes rattle northeastern Japan Apr.7   Northern Japan New quake triggers tsunami warning Map of Miyagi Japan
  A powerful 7.4 earthquake struck Japan, triggering a tsunami warning for one prefecture and advisories in others
Mar.27   Northern Japan Japan quake prompts tsunami alert Map of Sendai Japan  Another earthquake off the north-east coast, east of the badly-damaged port city of Sendai, has shaken the already devastated region Feb.13   Chile Another quake hits Chilean coast

year 2010 Top ^

Dec.26   New Zealand Aftershocks rattle 3 months after quake
Sep.7   New Zealand Powerful tremor rattles NZ city Mar.11   Chile Three strong earthquakes strike Chile  A 7.2-magnitude earthquake hit at 11:39 a.m., followed by a 6.9-magnitude quake 16 minutes later. A third, 6.0, came 27 minutes later Mar.5   Chile U.N. chief visits as aftershocks shake Mar.4   Chile Aftershocks rattle Chile Feb.28   Chile Chileans awake to more aftershocks Map of Constitucion Chile  The death toll from Saturday's 8.8-magnitude earthquake in Chile has risen to 708. In the city of Constitucion, more than 60 bodies were found Jan.22   Haiti Aftershocks a way of life

year 2009 Top ^

Oct.1   Samoa Islands shaken by second quake
Sep.30   Sumatra New quake hits stricken Sumatra   Another strong earthquake rocked early Thursday as the Southeast Asian nation was reeling from an earlier jolt that killed more than 200 peo... Sep.7   Indonesia Quake strikes off coast of Java island Apr.8   Italy Aftershocks rattle quake rescue efforts   Rescuers continued to comb through rubble and treat survivors as aftershocks heightened nerves and the death toll continued to climb

year 2008 Top ^

Nov.1   West Pakistan Strong aftershock measuring 5.0  Aftershock hits southwestern Pakistan 3 days after it was struck by a 6.4 magnitude earthquake Jun.9   Greece Greece warned of earthquake aftershock
Jun.8   Sichuan Quake lake aftershock causes landslides Jun.5   Sichuan   Aftershocks threaten quake lake  Authorities expected water to begin draining from a lake created by last month's devastating earthquake May.27   Sichuan   Aftershocks demolish homes  2 aftershocks have destroyed about 420,000 houses in the region hit by an earthquake two weeks ago May.25   Sichuan 70,000 homes 'damaged' in new quake May.19   Sichuan Warning panics quake zone

year 2007 Top ^

Nov.15   Chile President arrive in quake zone
Sep.12   Sumatra Powerful aftershocks hit Sumatra Mar.25   Japan Japan suffers quake aftershocks

year 2006 Top ^

May.1   Panama Magnitude 6 quake

year 2005 Top ^

Oct.23   Afghanistan Quakes kill 5 on Afghan border
Oct.12   Pakistan Aftershock rattles region on edge  An aftershock is rattling the nerves of those who lived through devastating earthquake

year 2003 Top ^

Sep.27  Northern Japan  Aftershocks shake quake zone May.27   Algeria Aftershock hits quake zone
Feb.25  China  Aftershock rocks quake zone

year 2002 Top ^

Nov.4  Italy  Fear as fresh tremors hit Jun.25  Iran  Quake aftershocks Feb.3   Turkey Aftershocks rattle quake victims

year 2001 Top ^

Jan.15  El Salvador  Aftershocks, possible mudslides