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B. 2017-02-08 US airstrike in Syria kills Al Qaeda leader with ties to bin Laden Idlib, Northern Syria
C. 2016-05-01 Bin Laden death: CIA panned for live-tweeting 'news' CIA
D. 2016-03-01 Bin Laden left $29m inheritance for jihad Osama bin Laden
4. 2014-05-10 Lawyer for doctor in Bin Laden case quits over security Pakistan
5. 2014-03-15 Bin Laden doctor's sentence reduced Pakistan
6. 2013-08-29 New trial ordered for doctor linked to CIA's bin Laden search Pakistan
H. 2013-07-08 Pakistan 'incompetent' on Bin Laden Pakistan
8. 2013-03-08 Bin Laden's son-in-law pleads not guilty New York
2013-03-07 Bin Laden relative captured New York

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US airstrike in Syria kills Al Qaeda leader with ties to bin Laden. Northern Syria New trial ordered for doctor linked to CIA's bin Laden search. Pakistan Bin Laden's son-in-law pleads not guilty. New York   Bin Laden relative captured  New York: Osama bin Laden's son-in-law, who has served as an al Qaeda spokesman, was captured and has been brought to the United States 'Bin Laden doctor' jailed for militant link. Pakistan Pakistan charges Bin Laden widows HuM group denies al-Qaeda link. Pakistan Bin Laden deputy to lead al Qaeda

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May.1  Bin Laden death: CIA panned for live-tweeting 'news'
Mar.1  Bin Laden left $29m inheritance for jihad

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May.10  Lawyer for doctor in Bin Laden case quits over security
Mar.15  Bin Laden doctor's sentence reduced

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Jul.8  Pakistan 'incompetent' on Bin Laden

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Feb.28  Pakistanis 'knew of Bin Laden home'

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Nov.15  Zawahiri: Bin Laden was 'tender and kind'
  al-Zawahiri: Ayman al-zawahiri.html#c" title="al-Zawahiri timeline">al-Zawahiri will take over leadership of al Qaeda, according to a statement posted on several jihadist websites
Jun.15  CIA informants who led to bL arrested May.27  Bin Laden thought seeking Pakistan deal May.26  CIA team to search bin Laden compound May.19  Purported audio by bin Laden aired May.17   Egyptian named acting al Qaeda leader  Saif al-Adel who was once a Special Forces officer has been chosen 'caretaker' leader of al Qaeda in the wake of Osama bin Laden's death May.12   Suicide attacks in retaliation for bL's death Map of Charsadda Pakistan
  NW Pakistan: The twin suicide bombings killed 73 people, nearly all of them military recruits who had just completed their training
  U.S. grills bL wives, via Pakistan officials  Three of Osama bin Laden's wives have been interrogated by U.S. intelligence officers under the supervision of Pakistani's intelligence serv... May.11 Details from bin Laden's journal revealed  Washington: Data and documents taken from the compound show that messages from bin Laden did make it out of the compound to al Qaeda May.10  Bin Laden sons' anger at killing U.S. granted access to bin Laden's wives. Pakistan May.8 Obama presses Pakistan on Bin Laden. Washington May.7 Bin Laden's house 'was al-Qaeda hub'    Pakistan: US: Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden was in active control of the terror network from his compound in northern Pakistan May.6 Al Qaeda confirms bin Laden's death May.5 Bin Laden materials trigger alert  Washington: The notice to 'federal, state, local and tribal partners' says that, al Qaeda members discussed a plan to derail trains in the U May.4 No release of Bin Laden photos. Washington May.3 Bin Laden unarmed when killed   Washington: White House: Osama bin Laden was not armed but did put up resistance when U.S. forces stormed a compound and killed him May.1   U.S. forces kill Osama bin Laden Map of Abbottabad Pakistan
   Pakistan: The most prominent face of terror in America and beyond, Osama bin Laden, has been killed in Pakistan, U.S. officials said
 U.S. forces have the body of Osama b. Laden. He eluded capture for years, once slipping out of a training camp in Afghanistan just hours before a barrage of U.S. cruise missiles destroyed it. US Special Forces and US Marines do have a base relatively close to Abbottabad

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Nov.12 Official: Bin Laden watched bombing
. Germany Oct.28 Bin Laden tape authentic, French say. Paris Aug.11  Jury: prison for bin Laden's driver Jan.24 Report: New bin Laden tape emerges

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Dec.5  Gates: No Bin Laden information in years Sep.14  'Bin Laden' tape: Obama can't stop war

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Nov.13  CIA: Bin Laden 'cut off from al-Qaeda' Aug.7  Bin Laden driver given 66 months Aug.6 Bin Laden ex-driver found guilty
  Guantanamo: A US military jury has convicted Salim Hamdan of supporting terrorism. The verdict is the first to be delivered in a full war crimes trial May.16  Bin Laden: Muslims must liberate Palestine Mar.19 bin Laden message condemns Europe  The statement condemns European countries for siding with the US in Afghanistan and for allowing the publication of cartoons

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Sep.20  Al Qaeda declares war on Musharraf Sep.7 Bin Laden says US should convert
  Washington: Early analysis indicates the voice on a recently released videotape is that of bin Laden Sep.6  Bin Laden tape due soon Jul.14 Bin Laden in video calls for martyrdom
Apr.25 Taliban: Bin Laden plans Iraq strikes. Afghanistan Jan.11 Al-Qaeda 'rebuilding' in Pakistan. U.S. Congress

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Sep.7  Video shows bin Laden prepping for 9/11 Jul.1 Bin Laden tells Sunnis to fight Shiites  Osama bin Laden in a tape posted on the Web encourages Sunnis to retaliate against Shiites in Iraq Jun.29 New 'Bin Laden message' released
May.23  bin Laden: Moussaoui not part of 9/11 Apr.27  Full bin Laden message posted on Web Jan.19 'Bin Laden' audio tape broadcast   Qatar: al-Jazeera has broadcast a tape it says was by the al-Qaeda leader, in which offerred long-term truce to the U.S.

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Jun.20  CIA chief 'knows Bin Laden's hideout' Jun.15  'Osama Bin Laden alive and well' May.13  Pressure 'keeping bin Laden quiet' Mar.14  Pakistan 'lost' Bin Laden trail Jan.24  U.S. mulls $50M bin Laden reward

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Dec.27 bin Laden tape endorses al-Zarqawi
. United Arab Emirates Dec.16 Bin Laden tape urges oil attack  Gulf: An audio tape, posted on an Islamic website, has called on his supporters to attack Gulf oil supplies Dec.5  Musharraf: Bin Laden Trail Has Gone Cold Nov.1  Bin Laden: Goal is to bankrupt U.S. Oct.29 New Bin Laden's videotape
  Arab Countries: Osama bin Laden told Americans their security does not depend on the president they elect, but on U.S. policy
May.7  Bin Laden 'funded Casablanca bomb' May.6 bin Laden tape offers gold for Bremer   Afghanistan: A message from al Qaeda leader offers 22 pounds of gold to anyone who kills Bremer or top U.S. military officers Apr.14 Bin Laden offers Europe truce
   Afghanistan: al-Arabiya has aired an audiotape in which Osama Bin Laden offers Europe a truce if it 'stops attacking Muslims' Jan.4  Purported bin Laden tape aired

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Sep.10 Bin Laden tape raises fear of new attacks
. Qatar Jun.25  Sources: Bin Laden letters urged attacks May.15  Dissident: bin Laden behind Saudi attacks Apr.8  Bin Laden tape urges suicide attacks Mar.10  Al Qaeda chiefs 'met in December' Mar.7  Report: bin Laden's sons arrested Mar.6  Search for bin Laden tightens  Captive: Bin Laden dead AND alive Feb.11 bin Laden tape a call to arms   Qatar: A voice purported to be that of Osama bin Laden offered battle strategies aimed at causing American casualties

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Nov.13  U.S. looks for 'signals' in bin Laden tape  Tape 'proves bin Laden is alive' Nov.12 bin Laden tape praises attacks   Qatar: An audiotaped statement attributed to Osama praises recent terror attacks in Yemen, Kuwait, Bali and Moscow Nov.8 'Bin Laden alive,' says Interpol
. France Oct.14  Alleged bin Laden letter praises attacks Sep.9  Al-Jazeera: Bin Laden praises hijackers Aug.19  1998 Tape: bin Laden's declares war Aug.18  Tapes on bin Laden's network Jul.13 Report: Bin Laden alive. Germany

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Dec.27  Hit US economy, urges Bin Laden Dec.26 New Bin Laden TV broadcast
. Afghanistan Dec.13 US releases Bin Laden video. Washington Oct.30  Alert linked to Bin Laden Oct.25  US admits Bin Laden may escape Oct.13  Al-Qaeda threatens US and UK Oct.12  Anthrax may be linked to Bin Laden Sep.30 Bin Laden 'hidden by Taleban'. Afghanistan Sep.27  FBI links hijackers with Bin Laden Sep.24  Fax attributed to bin Laden Sep.23  US to produce Bin Laden evidence Sep.20   Clerics ask Bin Laden to leave  Kabul: The resolution is represent a compromise agreed at a meeting in Kabul. The U.S. has dismissed as inadequate Sep.16 Pakistan seeks Bin Laden handover Sep.11   Terror attacks hit U.S.
Map of World Trade Center USA
  Manhattan: 3 commercial jets crash into World Trade Center and Pentagon. Both towers collapsed. United Airlines plane crashed
 2,973 people died. 19 terrorists affiliated with al-Qaeda hijacked four commercial passenger jet airliners. Passengers and members of the flight crew on the Flight 93 attempted to retake control of their plane from the hijackers. The plane crashed into a field near the town of Shanksville, Pennsylvania.
Aug.24  Indian police charge bin Laden May.29 4 convicted on embassy bombings. New York Feb.5 Openings in embassy bombings trial. New York