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Main Event: 16-year-old Hayward boy killed
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03-24 16-year-old Hayward boy killed 2500 Church Street, East Oakland
C. 03-24 Man killed, woman injured in shooting 1000 60th Street, North Oakland
D. 03-24 Site of killing spree a 'complicated' crime scene Ingleside


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Morning News

Mar.24   East Oakland   16-year-old Hayward boy killed Map of 2500 Church Street Oakland
  The boy may have been in Oakland to attend a house party in the area. He was shot during a confrontation with another person and died at a hospital

  North Oakland   Man killed, woman injured in shooting
Map of 1000 60th Street Oakland
  Officer said the couple knew each. The man died at the scene. The woman is in serious condition at a hospital

Day News

  Ingleside   Site of killing spree a 'complicated' crime scene   Police investigators returned Saturday to the Ingleside home near City College of San Francisco where five people were found dead

  Mountain View Store sells lottery ticket worth $260,000  Although no one matched all six numbers in night's MEGA Millions draw, one player -- along with six other California players -- won $260,000

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