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04-10 United ends Oakland service OAK
2. 04-10 Teen driver in double fatal crash released from jail Concord
3. 04-10 Pedestrian hit, killed by pickup North Shoreline Boulevard and Wright Avenue, Mountain View
E. 04-10 Gang-related homicide, suspects arrested 1800 Sarasota Way, East San Jose


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Morning News

Apr.10   OAK   United ends Oakland service
  United Airlines will depart Oakland International Airport in June, ending service to the Bay Area's second-largest airport after 75 years

  Concord   Teen driver in double fatal crash released from jail
  The 17-year-old driver arrested after a deadly collision with two bicyclists Saturday was released from jail

  Mountain View Pedestrian hit, killed by pickup  Erik Onorato, 26, of Mountain View died when he was hit shortly before 9 p.m. The driver stopped after the crash

Evening News

  East San Jose   Gang-related homicide, suspects arrested Map of 1800 Sarasota Way San Jose  Police said the three were in a car when they spotted Joseph Michael Robidoux-Cadle. They ran after him, beat him and stabbed him multiple times

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