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Main Event: Apple, Exxon for market-cap sup...
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08-09 Apple, Exxon for market-cap supremacy Apple
C. 08-09 Man dies in fire at home under renovation Martinez
D. 08-09 City opts to keep reservist pay intact San Jose City Hall


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Morning News

Aug.9   Pittsburg   2 suspects arrested in fatal drive-by
  Two men are in custody at a house at Pittsburg. Police believe they have the shooter in custody as well as another man who was in the car

  Apple   Apple, Exxon for market-cap supremacy  Apple briefly becomes the most valuable company in the world, as its capitalization surged past No. 1 Exxon before settling slightly below it

  Martinez   Man dies in fire at home under renovation  The body of a man in his 60s has been found in the back of the single-story home

Evening News

  San Jose City Hall City opts to keep reservist pay intact  City lawmakers have voted to keep offsetting the pay cuts that city employees would otherwise take when they are called up

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