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Accidents Main Event: HP sues its ex-CEO Hurd
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09-07 HP sues its ex-CEO Hurd HP
C. 09-07 Dozens Out Of Over-Enrolled Schools Novato
D. 09-07 Man found dead behind business 8000 Gateway Boulevard, Newark
E. 09-07 Suspect In Officer Shooting In Court Oakland
5. 09-07 SUV Strikes 2 Pedestrians 200 Drummond Drive, Hayward
6. 09-07 Fishing Banned Near Oil Spill Petaluma


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Morning News

Sep.7   HP     HP sues its ex-CEO Hurd
  Hewlett-Packard Co. is suing Mark Hurd, the chief executive it ousted last month, to stop him from taking a top job at rival Oracle Corp.

  Novato   Dozens Out Of Over-Enrolled Schools  As many as 40 of youngsters are getting kicked out of overenrolled elementary schools two weeks after the first day of classes

  Newark   Man found dead behind business Map of 8000 Gateway Boulevard Newark  26-year-old Julius Hughes as killed by a single gunshot wound to his head and neck area

  Oakland   Suspect In Officer Shooting In Court  The attorney for 20-year-old Andrew Barrientos says it remains to be seen whether the attack was intentional or a 'tragic misunderstanding'

  Hayward SUV Strikes 2 Pedestrians  A woman apparently fell asleep at the wheel of her Lexus SUV and struck 53-year old woman and her 22-year-old son

Evening News

  Petaluma Fishing Banned Near Oil Spill  Authorities have instituted a ban on fishing in a part of the Petaluma River where a tugboat leaked up to 600 gallons of fuel into the water

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