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1. 05-25 Home prices rebound in much of Bay Area Bay Area
2. 05-25 Foreign investors eye SF hotels SF Downtown
D. 05-25 SF Can't Opt Out Of Immigration Check San Francisco
05-25 President Obama In SF To Help Boxer Fairmont Hotel, SF Downtown
5. 05-25 Teacher Contract Talks Break Down Oakland


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Morning News

May.25   Bay Area   Home prices rebound in much of Bay Area
  San Francisco, San Mateo, Marin, Alameda and Contra Costa - up 16.2 percent in the first quarter, compared with the same quarter in 2009

  SF Downtown   Foreign investors eye SF hotels  Famed Sir Francis Drake Hotel is up for sale, and if recent trends persist, there is some likelihood it will be bought by an investor from Asia

  San Francisco   SF Can't Opt Out Of Immigration Check  State Att. General Brown has denied the SF sheriff's request to opt out of a fed. program that checks the status of all people arrested using fingerprints

  Santa Clara 2 University Students Hurt In Fire  Students were injured and displaced after they jumped out of a window to escape a fire at their apartment complex near the campus

Day News

  SF Downtown   President Obama In SF To Help Boxer Map of Fairmont Hotel San Francisco
  Appearing Tuesday night at a fundraiser, Barack Obama said he needs strong allies with passion on Capitol Hill to help him achieving his agenda
 A crowd of protesters was gathered outside, including tea partiers, anti-war protesters, environmental activists and those demanding changes to immigration law

Evening News

  Oakland Teacher Contract Talks Break Down  The union that said that contract talks have broken off due to sharp differences over compensation and other issues

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