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Main Event: Man Accused Of Murdering 2-Mont...
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B. 05-11 Google Books deal ripped Google
C. 05-11 DUI Suspected In Fatal 680 Crash
05-11 Man Accused Of Murdering 2-Month-Old 400 Old Julian Street, San Jose Downtown
E. 05-11 County Keeps Very Young Out Of Lock-Up San Jose


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Morning News

May.11   Google   Google Books deal ripped  An opponent of the deal: A $125 million settlement that would allow to create the world's biggest digital-book library breaks international laws

Day News

  Highway 680 DUI Suspected In Fatal 680 Crash  A driver 45-year-old Adam Bajer was killed and a second driver arrested in a crash that involved two pickup trucks

Evening News

  San Jose Downtown   Man Accused Of Murdering 2-Month-Old Map of 400 Old Julian Street San Jose
  Police arrested a 19-year-old man on suspicion of murdering his daughter Anahi Hernandez

  San Jose   County Keeps Very Young Out Of Lock-Up  According to the measure approved on Tuesday, only those 13 or older will be admitted to juvenile hall

  Oakland Downtown   Free shuttle to link waterfront, uptown Map of Jack London Square Oakland  A new shuttle is scheduled to start service between the waterfront at Jack London Square and the entertainment district about 1 1/2 miles north

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