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Main Event: Stanford women move to Final Fo...
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B. 03-29 Racist Graffiti Found On Church 4700 bock of Lincoln Avenue, Oakland
C. 03-29 Woman, 86, Is Missing 39th Street, North Oakland
03-29 Stanford women move to Final Four Stanford


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Morning News

Mar.29   Oakland Racist Graffiti Found On Church  Leaders of a Greek Orthodox church in worked to remove some racially charged graffiti after it was found over the weekend

Day News

  North Oakland   Woman, 86, Is Missing Map of 39th Street Oakland  Fannie 'Jewel' Taylor who is legally blind and suffering from Alzheimer's disease was last seen at her house by a relative on March. 24

Evening News

  Stanford   Stanford women move to Final Four
  Pohlen drove the length of the court for the game-winning layin as the final buzzer sounded, lifting top-seeded past third-seeded Xavier 55-53

  Petaluma   Man Says He Exposed Himself  30-year-old Jonathan Douglas Hill in custody for possessing child pornography and indecent exposure has confessed to exposing himself to a girl

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