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Crime Main Event: Friends Killed In Motorcyc...
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1. 03-15 Woman Murdered; Son Sought 200 C Street, San Rafael
03-15 Friends Killed In Motorcycle Crash 2100 Cabrillo Avenue2100, Santa Clara
3. 03-15 SFPD Waited 2 Months Before Lab Probe San Francisco
4. 03-15 Lumber Yard Fire Seen As Suspicious Walnut Creek
F. 03-15 Judge Calls Housing Cap Illegal Pleasanton
G. 03-15 Woman Killed In House Fire 2300 Tennent Court,, Pinole
H. 03-15 Severance deal for Nummi Fremont


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Morning News

Mar.15   San Rafael   Woman Murdered; Son Sought Map of 200 C Street San Rafael
  Police are looking for 30-year-old Richard Leroy Carlson, who is considered a 'person of interest' in the case

Day News

  Santa Clara   Friends Killed In Motorcycle Crash
Map of 2100 Cabrillo Avenue2100 Santa Clara
  Nicole Marie Keefe waited for Mark Scott Smith Jr., who struck Keefe and then crashed into a parked car

  San Francisco   SFPD Waited 2 Months Before Lab Probe
  The sister of a former SF crime lab technician warned the lab that she feared her sibling might be stealing cocaine used as evidence

  Walnut Creek   Lumber Yard Fire Seen As Suspicious  The County Fire District was treating the area as a crime scene to keep the public out

  Pleasanton   Judge Calls Housing Cap Illegal  An County Judge says the city of city's voter-approved cap on the number of residences in the city violates state law and must be changed

  Pinole   Woman Killed In House Fire Map of 2300 Tennent Court Pinole  The fire was reported at 4:52 a.m. at a single-family home; the blaze was burning in a rear bedroom

Evening News

  Fremont   Severance deal for Nummi  Some 4,600 employees will vote on a package worth from $21,175 to more than $70,000 per person depending on how long they have worked

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