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Business Main Event: China renews Google lic...
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07-09 China renews Google license Google
C. 07-09 2 Killed In Separate Oakland Shootings 2400 77th Avenue, Oakland
3. 07-09 Businesses Clean Up After Verdict Protests Oakland Downtown
4. 07-09 Yahoo CFO: Overpaying is over Yahoo
5. 07-09 Wells limits new free checking accounts Wells Fargo
G. 07-09 Dellums 'Proud' Of Response To Verdict Oakland City Hall
H. 07-09 Strasburg baffles Giants Giants


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Morning News

Jul.9   Google   China renews Google license
  Google won permission to maintain its website in China and keep its toehold in the world's most populous nation
 Google is bowing to pressure to eliminate a virtual detour around the country's online censorship requirements

  Oakland   2 Killed In Separate Oakland Shootings Map of 2400 77th Avenue Oakland
  32-year-old Rick Redmond, was taken to Highland Hospital where he died from his injuries. 31-year-old man was running from a person firing a gun

  Oakland Downtown     Businesses Clean Up After Verdict Protests
  Business owners swept up broken glass and scrubbed graffiti, as Oakland recovered from protests that splintered into rioting and looting

  Yahoo   Yahoo CFO: Overpaying is over  Yahoo Chief Financial Officer Tim Morse, hoping to boost profitability, says he plans to reverse the company's pattern of overpaying for acquisitions

Evening News

  Wells Fargo   Wells limits new free checking accounts  Wells Fargo has eliminated free checking accounts for new customers as firms prepare for stricter consumer- protection measures

  Oakland City Hall     Dellums 'Proud' Of Response To Verdict  Mayor Ron Dellums is 'incredibly, extraordinarily, unwaveringly proud' of the way city residents responded to Mehserle's manslaughter conviction

  Giants   Strasburg baffles Giants  Strasburg is allowing three hits in six innings, and Adam Dunn homered twice, leading the Washington Nationals past the Giants 8-1

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