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Earnings Main Event: Apple sets quarterly re...
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B. 07-20 Oakland Considers 'Wal-Marting' Of Weed Oakland City Hall
2. 07-20 Q2 Earnings: Another Mediocre Quarter Yahoo
07-20 Apple sets quarterly revenue record Apple
E. 07-20 Panel doesn't back Avastin for cancer Genentech
F. 07-20 Woman Arrested In Fatal Hit & Run California Street and Franklin Avenue, Mountain View


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Morning News

Jul.20   Oakland City Hall   Oakland Considers 'Wal-Marting' Of Weed  The City Council was set to look at licensing four production plants where pot would be grown, packaged and processed into items

Day News

  Yahoo   Q2 Earnings: Another Mediocre Quarter  Core business, display revenue at owned-and-operated sites, grow 19%, as the company benefited from the rebound in display ads

Evening News

  Apple   Apple sets quarterly revenue record
  The company set quarterly revenue records fueled by strong sales of iPhones, Macintosh computers and the new iPad tablets

  Genentech   Panel doesn't back Avastin for cancer  The drug, which was developed by Roche's Genentech unit, failed to win a U.S. panel's backing for continued sales as a treatment for breast cancer

  Mountain View Woman Arrested In Fatal Hit & Run  46-year-old Saratoga woman was arrested Monday in connection with a hit-and-run collision that killed an 80-year-old man

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