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Business Main Event: Chevron 1Q income doubl...
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04-30 Chevron 1Q income doubles Chevron
2. 04-30 LinkedIn offers insider connections LinkedIn
3. 04-30 New City Budget Plan Includes Layoffs Walnut Creek
E. 04-30 Russell still with Raiders, shows up Raiders
F. 04-30 Students March For Immigration Reform Oakland Downtown


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Morning News

Apr.30   Chevron   Chevron 1Q income doubles
  The oil company reported income of $4.55 billion, or $2.27 per share, comparing with $1.84 billion, or 92 cents per share, in 2009

  LinkedIn   LinkedIn offers insider connections  Professional social network now gives its 65 million members some inside knowledge on hirings, promotions and other activities of specific companies

Day News

  Walnut Creek   New City Budget Plan Includes Layoffs
  Discontinuing the use of school crossing guards, closing the pool for part of the year and layoffs are on the table try to bridge the deficit

  Raiders   Russell still with Raiders, shows up  The questions about JaMarcus Russell's immediate future in Oakland were answered when he took the field for a minicamp with acquired Campbell

Evening News

  Oakland Downtown Students March For Immigration Reform  Hundreds of people marched to encourage city officials to make Oakland a sanctuary city and to protest Arizona's new law

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