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Accidents Main Event: 3 people dead, 3 injur...
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10-17 3 people dead, 3 injured after crash 100th Avenue and MacArthur Boulevard, East Oakland
C. 10-17 No Charges For Officers Who Killed Man San Jose
D. 10-17 Android gets boost from Hero, Cliq Google
4. 10-17 Bay Area Marks Loma Prieta Quake At 5PM Bay Area
F. 10-17 S.F. sustains ties with Bangalore SF City Hall
6. 10-17 Dead after a vehicle overturned


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Morning News

Oct.17   East Oakland   3 people dead, 3 injured after crash Map of 100th Avenue and MacArthur Boulevard Oakland
  A vehicle had hit several parked cars and a pedestrian before overturning. 3 of its occupants, including the driver, had died at the scene
 A pedestrian was taken to the hospital with multiple broken bones. Speed was a factor in the crash. Three of the Nissan's occupants who were killed: Rickie Reyes, Jr., 22, of Hayward, who was driving; Racquel Cassini, 22, of San Lorenzo; and Zsorhzinnia Tevaseu, 19, of San Lorenzo

  San Jose   No Charges For Officers Who Killed Man  A grand jury says two police officers who shot a mentally ill man wielding a knife should not face criminal charges

  Google   Android gets boost from Hero, Cliq  HTC's Hero on the Sprint and Motorola's Cliq on T-Mobile customization efforts create experiences that in surpass the iPhone

Evening News

  Bay Area   Bay Area Marks Loma Prieta Quake At 5PM  Communities are marking the exact moment the massive Loma Prieta earthquake hit the region 20 years ago with both reflection and preparation

  SF City Hall   S.F. sustains ties with Bangalore  Officials, led by Newsom, will be spending 3 days in Bangalore, for agreements on sustainable building, health technology, water treatment

  Highway 580 Dead after a vehicle overturned  At least one person is dead after a vehicle overturned near an eastbound Interstate Highway 580 on-ramp

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