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Palm Appoints Former Apple Whiz As CEO  Jon Rubinstein, a former executive behind iPod, has been named chief executive officer and chairman of smartphone maker Palm Inc. New iPhone goes on sale with less drama  The new iPhone went on sale, greeted by much smaller lines and less hoopla than previous models   CEO Steve Jobs Had Liver Transplant
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Board defends disclosures on Jobs' health Apple is No. 1 most-admired company  Fortune magazine came out with the 'World's Most Admired Companies'. Google Inc. came in fourth Apple easily tops expectations  Apple continued to defy the tough economy, reporting that fiscal 2nd-quarter earnings and revenue were its best ever for a non-holiday perio... Apple's New, Faster iPhone
  Jobs has hormone imbalance, remain CEO  A survivor of pancreatic cancer said that a hormone imbalance is to blame for the weight loss that has prompted worries about his health Apple unveils software updates, laptop   Apple CEO Jobs taking medical leave

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  Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs is taking a leave until June, even though a week ago the cancer survivor tried to assure investors
 In an e-mail to employees, Jobs backtracked: 'During the past week I have learned that my health-related issues are more complex than I originally thought'. Apple's stock dropped 7%

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  iPhone 3G S is a souped-up device that offers much faster processing speeds, a video recorder, compass and voice commands
 Apple moved to distance itself from rival smart phone makers. 3G S will go on sale June 19 for $199 for a 16-GB version and $299 for 32 GBs of storage
  Apple CEO, who has been on medical leave for undisclosed reasons since January, received a liver transplant two months ago
Jun.22 Apple Sells More Than 1 Mil. New iPhones
  Apple Inc. sold more than a million units of iPhone 3G S in the first three days, the most successful debut for a smart phone yet
Jun.23 Hospital Confirms Jobs Liver Transplant  Apple co-founder and CEO has an 'excellent prognosis' after receiving a liver transplant at a Tennessee hospital Jun.26 iPhone adds apps with nudity Jun.29 CEO Jobs Back At Work Few Days A Week  Apple says co-founder and CEO is back at work after a five-and-a-half-month medical leave, during which he received a liver transplant

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Jul.21 Apple rings up stellar results  Apple enjoyed its strongest non-holiday quarter in June, posting a 12 percent jump in revenue of $8.34 billion and a 15 percent boost in pro... Jul.24 Palm Reconnects With Estranged Itunes  Palm Pre can again connect to iTunes, only a week after Apple shut it out. A software update delivered automatically to the phones Jul.27 Apple, Labels Work On Album 'Cocktail'  Apple Inc. and the 4 major recording labels are working on launching in the fall a music offering to add value to digital albums sold on the... Jul.30 Experts find iPhone security flaw  A pair of security experts have found a vulnerability that allows a hacker to take control of an iPhone through a text-message attack

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Aug.3 Google chief Schmidt quits Apple board
  Eric Schmidt is citing potential conflicts of interest as the two Silicon Valley titans increasingly compete head to head Aug.11 College textbooks available as iPhone
Aug.21 Apple Denies 'Rejecting' Google Voice  Apple told regulators that it blocked the program from running on the iPhone yet Apple denied that it has rejected Google's application outright Aug.28 Apple's Deal To Bring iPhones To China

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Sep.9   Steve Jobs lights up Apple show
  Apple boss stole the show at an event to launch new products as he took to the stage for the first time in nearly a year following medical leave
Sep.10 Boost for iPhone and iPod app developers  Users will get the ability to use the Genius feature through iTunes to get recommendations for apps Sep.22 OK For ITunes To Block Palm Pre

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Oct.6 Apple falls from chamber over climate
Oct.19 Investors Lap Up 47 Percent Profit Jump  Shares skyrocketed to an all-time high in after-hours trading on news that Apple sold more iPhone and Mac computers than ever Oct.22 Nokia suing Apple over the iPhone  The world's biggest mobile phone maker is suing its US rival for infringing patents on mobile phone technology for the iPhone

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Dec.6 Apple confirms purchase of music site Lala  Apple Inc. has purchased online music retailer Lala.com, a startup that has threatened 'the end of the MP3' with its fast song-streaming app... Dec.24 Stock Soars On New Gadget Report  Apple shares hit an all-time high after a published report suggested the company may be getting ready for a major product announcement Dec.30 Court rejects lawsuit over iPod volume

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1. 01-05 Jobs has hormone imbalance, remain CEO Apple
C. 01-06 Apple unveils software updates, laptop SF Downtown
01-14 Apple CEO Jobs taking medical leave Apple
4. 02-25 Board defends disclosures on Jobs' health Apple
F. 03-06 Apple is No. 1 most-admired company Apple
G. 04-22 Apple easily tops expectations Apple
H. 06-08 Apple's New, Faster iPhone San Francisco
8. 06-10 Palm Appoints Former Apple Whiz As CEO Palm
J. 06-19 New iPhone goes on sale with less drama Apple

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