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Business Main Event: Muni considering budget...
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04-08 Muni considering budget cuts SF City Hall
C. 04-08 Shooting ended in homicide 8300 Plymouth Street, East Oakland
D. 04-08 Pension losses could cost millions San Jose City Hall
4. 04-08 1 local solar firm building, 1 scaling back Applied Materials
5. 04-08 Drug Raptiva pulled from market Genentech
G. 04-08 Smoky, Stubborn Fire At Snitzer Steel 1101 Embarcadero West, West Oakland
H. 04-08 Brewers Spoil Johnson's Debut With Giants Pac Bell Park


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Morning News

Apr.8   SF City Hall   Muni considering budget cuts
  Raising cash fares by 50 cents, increasing parking meter rates, layoffs are also being considered

  East Oakland   Shooting ended in homicide Map of 8300 Plymouth Street Oakland  A male victim found at the scene suffering gunshot wounds was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead

  San Jose City Hall   Pension losses could cost millions  City officials say taxpayers could be on the hook for millions of dollars after stock market losses took a big bite out of the city's retirement funds

  Applied Materials   1 local solar firm building, 1 scaling back  SunPower plans to build a power plant in Colorado; Applied Materials $1.9 billion solar equipment order had been scaled way back

Day News

  Genentech   Drug Raptiva pulled from market
  The unit of drugmaker Roch is pulling the psoriasis treatment Raptiva off the U.S. market because of links to an often fatal brain infection

  West Oakland Smoky, Stubborn Fire At Snitzer Steel  The two-alarm blaze spread a large cloud of smoke across much of the East Bay. It took firefighters about 2 hours to put it down

Evening News

  Pac Bell Park   Brewers Spoil Johnson's Debut With Giants  Gallardo pitched neatly into the 7th inning to spoil the Big Unit's debut with San Francisco, leading Milwaukee to a 4-2 victory

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