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Main Event: Craigslist safety questioned af...
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04-26 Craigslist safety questioned after slayings San Francisco
C. 04-26 Dalai Lama serves hope to SF homeless San Francisco
D. 04-26 Body Found In Homeless Camp Walnut Street and Convention Way, Redwood City
E. 04-26 49ers Draft More Skill Players 49ers


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Morning News

Apr.26   San Francisco   Craigslist safety questioned after slayings
  Although millions of transactions spawned by the site are completed without a problem, a small number end in violent crime

Day News

  San Francisco     Dalai Lama serves hope to SF homeless
  His Holiness was trying very hard to make the homeless guests at Martin's soup kitchen relax. He is telling stories and making fun of his English

  Redwood City Body Found In Homeless Camp  The body was found on California Dept. of Transportation property that runs under U.S. Highway 101

Evening News

  49ers   49ers Draft More Skill Players  The 49ers adding Alabama running back Coffee, Ball State quarterback Davis and Fresno State tight end Pascoe to Crabtree, the Texas Tech receive

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